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Ruby on rails developer ..

Every once in awhile a revolutionary product/service gets introduced to a traditional
market. introduced one of those in the (website) translations market.

You can find an introductory video of Tolq here:

Translation should be dead simple, we give your website a full solution in ten clicks or

After you change your DNS settings and request a machinal, crowd or 1-on-1 translation and
the languages you want, the application crawls your website, distributes the documents
over the pool of the second application and reassembles it when it’s done. This
application is currently working on production.

To support our long term goals, we need several additional experienced (Rails) developers
for Tolq.

Do you think that the web could use some serious localization? Are you a linguistic geek?
Do distributed systems, background messaging and SOA architectures make you drool?
Fascinated by complex computing problems? This might be the job for you.

You can work from anywhere, just as long as you love what you do and enjoy making
beautiful code. However, locals in Netherlands are strongly preferred.

You will join a team made up of people around the world, who will challenge you to be the
best you can be and most of all, have a lot of fun in the process. We currently have three
teams of varying sizes.

We’re looking for junior, medior and senior developers!

We’d like you to have:

* A willingness to learn
* Good communication skills
* A passion for Ruby, a love for Rails
* Proficiency in javascript, coffeescript and jQuery
* Experience with behaviour and test driven development
* Experience with agile software development
* And generally good development skills.

And we’d love it if you:

* Have read and understood the pragmatic programmer
* Have experience with Amazon AWS and/or Heroku
* Know other languages besides Ruby and Javascript
* Know a thing or two about UX
* Know a thing or two about distributed architectures
* Know a thing or two about algorithms
* Are an agile evangelist
* Have contributed to open source projects
* A presence in the Ruby community

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