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Passive structure modeling and pdk development expert

With the advent of modern and autonomous electronics, applications using radio frequencies (RF) up to millimeter waves and beyond are proliferating. The system integration becomes increasingly challenging due to variety of devices and passives that typically compose the RF modules used for such applications, and careful choices of materials are needed for low loss interconnects.

One way is to integrate the module with high performance interconnect using Si technology, where the different device are mounted on the interposer and the passive are integrated into the silicon. Thanks to the Through Silicon Via technology and use of High Resistivity Si substrate, it is possible to have small form factor modules. Such Integration approach allows to benefit from the well-established base of wafer foundries.

The RF interposers is primarily made of 2 metal levels for signal interconnects and high quality inductors on top of the substrate with Through vias connections. The interconnects are defined with high resolution lithography (feature size down to 0.5μm). Between the metal level capacitor and resistors layers are used are implemented to integrate all type of passive devices.

To validate and tune this technology, basic designs (passive structures, filters, ...), are implemented and validated. To allow internal employees and external customers to make these designs a design library has to be developed containing passive structures such as inductors, capacitors, transmission lines etc. This library and pdk will be transferred to customers.

Job Description

As part of a multidisciplinary expert team your tasks will include

  • Actively participate in the measurement and modeling of passive structures;

  • Interpretation of measurement data and feedback to model;

  • Build a library of passive components;

  • Integrate passive structures in pdk for use in designs and tape out;

  • Communication to internal employees and external customers

Master of Science in Electronics or equivalent by experience. You have at least three to five year experience in modeling of passive structures and pdk development.

You have following skills

  • Experience of measurements of passive structures up to mm-wave frequencies;

  • Experience in design of Scalable inductor and transmission line and capacitor models;

  • Expertise in pdk development;

  • Experience with Advanced Design System (ADS) from Keysight (Agilent), Matlab, Microsoft office (powerpoint, Word, ...);

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