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Looking for a Project Manager for a multi-site software development project.
The framework for the project is largely available already.
System development takes place in the core ‘Compass’ Siebel system, which is the company’s CRM system and there are several interfaces with the company’s systems involved, which requires interface development (with several external parties), which requires strong project management to safeguard the critical path.
Project initiation phase has been executed already, scope high level definition is cleared, no need for any initiation activities. Focus is on execution, defining the detailed requirements, start building, test and actually getting the project result, managing all the work packages, in time, in budget and quality, aligned with multiple sites.
Work packages are to be set up very clearly, so everyone can understand what exactly they are about from merely reading the line item description in the project documentation; which deliverable they have, who is responsible for that, how long it takes, what the current status is, what the dependencies are etc.
Detailed Gant chart for the whole project should always be available, with responsibilities, durations and dependencies of tasks.
Next to making very clear what each work-package actually should deliver (summary of a work package content that can be understood by both specialists and non-specialists), which requires strong common sense thinking and a critical attitude, the project manager should also have strong social skills, especially the ability to get and keep the buy-in from all the project members responsible for any work packages they have to deliver.
‘Upward, stakeholder management skills’ are considered pretty much irrelevant for the PM, although PM should be able to present a high-level project status report to anyone who wants to know at any time.
Focus should be on the detailed planning and detailed status and execution, getting things done, avoid getting stuck in bureaucracy, pro-actively anticipate problems, and don’t allow any question marks to linger until they really become a problem. Take responsibility for the project.


Always have the project documentation up-2-date.
Weekly status report

Resource administration: hours worked by resources / hour registration.
Financial management of the project, financial reporting on project budget.
Work package documentation: what is it, who will do it, how long does it take, when will it be done, what are the dependencies to other WPs’.
Clear descriptions, understandable by everyone, nothing clouded in vague or technical terms that bring life to the project plan and allow it to be understood by anyone with a bit of IT background and common sense.
Critical path analyses. PM should always be aware of critical path and act pro-actively when critical path is jeopardized.
Weekly project meetings.
Weekly telco’s for each interface work package.
Project issue log administration.
Risk management: any risks brought forward which seriously endanger the critical path should be handled and mitigated pro-actively.

Skills & Experience

Getting things done. Only willing to make compromises if all else fails.
Independent worker, does not get stuck when procedures create deadlocks, tools are missing or external or internal parties suddenly report large delays.
Excellent social skills and communication skills: chairing project meetings, planning workshops, alignment/progress Telco’s, work package definitions, aligning with external Project managers etc.
Experience in IT and software engineering is a pre.
Experience with Siebel is a pre.




Master’s degree
Higher vocational degree

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