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Looking ASAP for someone with deep insight into IT-solutions and the Siebel platform, with actual development experience in the Siebel platform, but who has moved towards requirements engineering / IT Consultancy (coordinating, aligning, and dealing with all kinds of issues that have no clear owner yet need a resolution otherwise things get stuck) and also has solid experience in those areas.

Someone who can manage an ‘ocean of detail’ content-wise to the letter and at the same time can handle tasks like managing all the requirements content-related work-packages for a multi-site development project.
Someone who besides excellent meticulous ‘ocean of detail’ management also has the social skills to get things done in an often non-cooperative and hostile environment (often multi-site interface development results in an ‘us-them’ way of thinking which is detrimental to progress and requires specific attention to not unnecessarily loose time).
Subject will operate in one (or more) key project(s).
Compass is the name of the Siebel system managed by the CDC.


Maintain a project independent fully detailed well documented overview of the entire Project X functionality as implemented in the Compass System in the different versions, project independent functional documentation is a key challenge.
Complete/Update existing High Level Design/Definition documents for the Project related topics per sub-project and coordinate the delivery of estimates of effort based on these HLD’s and align it with all stakeholders.
Create System Requirements Specification (SRS) documents for the Project related topics per sub- project and align it with all stakeholders resulting in fully signed specifications. SRS should form a statement of work, highly detailed functional specifications, against which the quality and quantity of deliverables can be checked.
Proactively provide input for the creation of test-scenario’s and validate them, as well as the overall testing approach for the project topic together with testing resource.
Evaluate reported bugs against SRS, classify them, assign to development, retest when development reports they are fixed and close them when indeed fixed.
Be the first to test newly developed functionality.
Assist in and coordinate troubleshooting issues found in test and production environments, especially the coordination of multi-side troubleshooting.
Answer questions about specs and functionality.
Align release-planning of the compass changes required for the project with all external stakeholders and the internal compass release project manager.
Pro-actively identify and address potential issues with specifications, testing, deployment or release-planning.
Act as coordinator for all related topics, provide status reports, drive sub-tasks that involve coordinating people from various IT sub departments forward.

Skills & Experience

The focus of the job is on managing the detailed requirements, but the job is not limited to writing a requirements document. Once that is written, development starts, testing follows and deployment.
Getting things done. Technical deep understanding, together with functional end-user focus and not afraid of project management related tasks. Anticipate potential issues and mitigate them as early as possible. Highly pro-active attitude, excellent theoretical skills, but also pragmatic; see compromise coming while it still can be avoided and try to avoid it while still possible. Only willing to make compromises if all else fails.
Excellent communication skills, able to effectively cooperate with people with varying degrees of know-how about a subject, both on the development and on the business side.
Ability to describe in words how IT solutions actually work, without being vague, without hiding behind terms or abbreviations or reverting to authority. Ability to understand business drivers, business processes and how the IT solutions help to achieve them. Ability to communicate effectively with both IT Development and Business, bridging the gap.
Good understanding of SQL, Oracle databases, XML, XSLT, SOAP, REST interfaces between various systems and the typical issues common to multi-site, multi system development.
Siebel Development experience, ideally in diverse areas.
Siebel Requirements Engineering experience, ideally in diverse areas.
Siebel is not rocket-science, deep understanding the Siebel framework from physical schema to UI objects should be somewhat trivial.
Experience with projects that involve many interfaces that all cooperate in achieving the desired functionality.
Affinity with requirements engineering, Use Case methodology (Jacobsen, Rational), write user stories instead of lists of requirements to be able to really understand what is needed instead of working off some list of requirements. Understanding of object oriented principles and methods (eg explain encapsulation and inheritance and how they apply to functional modelling) but above all: pragamatic, result-oriented, common sense, driver.




Master’s degree
Higher vocational degree

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