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What we offer
•Being part of one of the largest implementation of DevOps in Europe (> 150 teams).
•Working within a Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
•Continuous experimentation and improvement of both the way of working an tooling (Angular JS, RESTFUL API’s, NoSQL solutions like Cassandra, Protractor, Docker, Graphite, Nginx, Private Cloud, etc.).
•Professional Engineering culture supported by communities and senior management.
•Forthcoming reorganization that will integrate business and IT into Agile ‘Tribes’, ‘Chapters’, ‘Squads’, etc. (inspired by companies like Spotify).

Working environment
You work as an OPS-engineer in a DevOps team. These teams are responsible for the life cycle of Web-application that support customers and/or staff.

All engineers are multi skilled according the “T-shape” model. Every engineer (Dev and Ops) has a strong background in Java software development and deployment ( the “roof”oftheT) and in addition has one or more specific in depth skills in for example requirements analyses, testing, deployments, operations, etc. (the “stand” of the T). All individual T-shape profiles combined should make a strong team. Having only a skills in for example testing and not in Java software engineering is blocking for entering a DevOps-team.

The location for this vacancy is Amsterdam.

•Deploy changes/releases and produce the deliverables/evidence required by several related processes (e.g. Change Control Board, Risk).
•Perform: Unix, AIX, Linux, Shell, Oracle and Bash scripting.
•Configure and maintain Tomcat implementations.
•Automate deployments as part of Continuous Delivery.
•Test the performance of Web-applications and apply tuning.
•Define and/or support chain, acceptance, performance, scalability and resilience testing.
•Configure and maintain application and chain monitoring like Graphite, Nagios etc.
•Act on events signalled by application and system monitoring.
•Perform Capacity Management and other relevant ITIL-processes as part of the Life Cycle Management of all Configuration Items.
•Find and implement solutions for incidents and problems in time according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
•Define dependencies with other teams/applications and translate these to (LCM) user story’s for one or more teams in a ‘Scrum of Scrums’ setting.
•Refine (LCM) user story’s provided by the Product Owner so that they are ready for the next Sprint.
•Has a 24/7 mentality à the application has to be always available with no risks for Internet and Mobile.

•Must haves (a minimum of 5 years experience)
o Java
o Tomcat
o Unix, AIX, Linux, Shell, Oracle and Bash scripting.

o CD tooling like: Nolio, Docker, Jenkins, Maven, etc.

o Monitor tooling like Graphite, Nagios etc.

•Should haves
o Spring
o GITlab/GIT/Stash

o Test tooling like: Protractor, Subversion, Fitnesse, Selenium

o Angular JS / Javascript

•Nice to haves
o NoSQL/Low Latency Data Store (LLDS) Solutions e.g. Cassandra

Competencies – Mind set & Behaviour
•Strong analytical skills.
•Stress resistant.
•High achievement motivation. Commitments are fulfilled whatever it takes (e.g. extra hours in the evening / weekend).
•Steep learning curve in new way of working and tools.
•Curious and eager to learn by nature.
•Charm and tact to gather information from senior engineers in others teams that have limited time to help (ask the right questions and learn quick).
•Years of experience working in scrum teams. Comfortable working within a heterogeneous team regarding culture and skill level and giving direct feedback on the performance of team members.
•Strong commitment on achieving the goals set by the team and organization even when this is not always in own interest.
•Disciplined and accurate. Setting high quality standards for own work and that of others (in and outside the time).
•Never satisfied with a achieved level in productivity or quality, continuously looking for improvements and innovations..
•Never compromise on quality and reliability (both performance and security).
•Sensitive for the fact that a large organization has relatively quite a number of procedures to comply with and willing to accept that as part of the job.
•Always aware of the fact that your team is part of chain of parties that only as a whole can deliver value to our customer.
•Willing to work in standby shifts outside regular office hours.

•preference for Dutch native speaker or capable of speaking and writing in Dutch on a sufficient level.
•Capable of speaking and writing in English on a sufficient level

Interested? Please response with recent cv, motivation and hourly rate.

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