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ING is looking for a Senior IT Specialist in the role of Operations Engineer.
An all-round OPS engineer with broad knowledge and experience of ETL, within an Oracle environment and senior experience with Oracle Data Integrator.


The Ops Engineer works in a DevOps team which consists of Dev Engineers en Ops Engineers. The Ops engineer transports the application to a production environment and monitors the application on availability and correct functioning. Proactive and reactive actions are taken to assure continuity and compliance.

Technical experience

Service Design

  • Deliver mandatory Security Products (like Soll matrix)

Application Lifecycle Management

  • Deliver input for or write Life Cycle Management Plan (application and platform).

Service Implementation & Small Enhancements

  • Execute acceptance tests (including performance tests) resulting in Accepted Software.

  • Build, test and schedule monitoring scripts, batch scripts and Deployment scripts.

  • Deploy software (resulting in Deployed Software), with the use of (automatic) deployment scripts.

Service Operation & Control

  • Solve incidents and write user stories for structural improvement to prevent reoccurring incidents (analyzed problem).

  • Monitor batch processes, availability and capacity

  • Maintain system tables and application firewalls & security measures, which can result in analyzed security events.

  • Audit and verify granted user access on the application (SOLL-IST comparisons) resulting in adjusted user access (RBAC roles) or updated SOLL matrix.

  • Execute and test Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, Backup Restore Plan, Security Plan.

  • Contribute to (Operational) Service Improvement Proposals.

  • Perform Risk analysis for reported security events, manage Security Products Renewals and advise service manager.

  • Contribute to Escalated Incident / Security Event and Operational Service Improvement Proposals / Service Reporting (with Service Manager).

  • Contribute to Risk Profile (with Business).

Service Request

  • Deal with service requests (fulfilled requests).

All based on Scrum/Lean way of working, which means a.o.

  • participate in planning & estimation process,

  • participate in sprint demo's, Stand-ups, retrospectives and product backlog refinement


  • Understanding existing systems and technology (Key competence)

  • Applying procedures, tools and methods (Key competence)

  • Understanding emerging technologies

  • Thinking creatively and innovating

  • Focusing on results (Key competence)

  • Building relationships/ team working

  • Resolving conflicts and problems from a can do mentality (Key competence)

  • Being adaptable

  • Experienced with continuous improvement/LeanIT


Dutch & English

Other skills


  • HBO (IT) ór WO (IT)

  • ITIL Foundation + ITIL Advanced modules where applicable for specific role

Name of the project

Finance & Risk / Data / Data Exchange and Integration
Together in a team of motivated colleagues, the employee will be responsible for the monitoring, scheduling, LCM, security, performance and many other aspects of an extensive Oracle suite. The ideal candidate is a keen learner and has extensive experience with the maintenance & administration of Oracle systems. As the team is responsible for the 24/7 monitoring of the suite, standby shifts are part of the job. The team works together in a DevOps manner and continuous improvement, initiative, customer focus and thinking outside the box are key competences. The team has a wide array of responsibilities and offers the candidate many opportunities for development and improvement.

Other information

'The following experience is 5+ years

  • Experience with Linux/Unix including system commands, & scripting.

  • Experience with Oracle Data Intergrator (ODI)

  • Experience with Oracle Databases

  • Experience with TWS/d (scheduling tool)

  • Experience with release/change management

  • Experience with incident/problem management


  • Verification of deliverables (documentation and software) and implementation of software releases to production environment.

  • Scheduling, Monitoring of execution of daily processing.

  • Security and risk management, capacity and availability management

  • Performance analysis on Oracle database performance

  • Test Preparation including managing test environments and test data

  • Test Execution - including UAT/FAT/PAT tests on behalf of the Business and Data Foundation

  • Test Reporting - delivering results and analysis to all stakeholders

  • Coordination - Coordinating test activities across various environments and teams


  • Monitoring

  • Event management

  • Performance & capacity management

  • User Acces Management

  • Automated Testing

  • Automated Deployment

  • Release Management

  • Change Management

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

What has to be realised

Daily execution from mulitple countries
Performance monitoring and improvement on performance, with increasing data load
Successful and correct executed user and performance acceptance tests
Preparation of test environments
Implementation of software releases
Defect management and coordination of test activities across teams
Solve incidents
Solve problems

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