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Vanwege onze internationale werkzaamheden, hebben we de vacature in het Engels opgesteld.

Project Description

1-2 months project starting with a 1-2 months bootcamp.

About Interlinguals

We want to become the AirBnB or Uber for language lessons. Those peer-to-peer websites have changed the accomodation and taxi markets by offering an affordable alternative from one private individual to another.
Interlinguals wants to do the same with language learning. Anyone can help out learners in their area or worldwide with face-to-face or online (conversation) lessons.

We offer

A very interesting and fun freelance project with growth opportunities for Javascript developers, coding in Node.js and AngularJS. If you don't know them, but you do know Javascript on the client side, you can still be part of our team so read on!

It starts with a 1-2 months of bootcamp, a very startup kind of atmosphere, building the new Interlinguals platform with extended features and nice looks. There is much work to do and it's a real startup climate. We finish later than most people, but you'll have your time in coffee, lunch and dinner breaks, which if you want, can be with colleagues outside in the park, behind your laptop on or in some fun place nearby. Oh, and the food and all coffees, teas, drinks and meals during those lunch and dinner breaks are paid for. And some drinks if we want to go for some during the evenings or weekends. But this is completely up to you too.

You'll be guided by and work with other developers with whom you work in the same space. No-one knows everything, so we're all helping each other. As long as we can see that you're trying your best. Then surely we'll build a great website altogether and have a lot of fun too.

In summary, we offer

-learning opportunities to enhance your coding skills in Node.js and AngularJS.

-the work space. Our final place is yet unknown, but we promise you that it will be a cool one and in a nice environment!

-like many developers and entrepreneurs, we need good coffee (but yes, we have all teas too). The food and drinks from 10 am to 10 pm are provided for. And some extra beers of course if we want to have some during the night or over the weekend ;)

-a dynamic environment during this bootcamp of other developers. And if you like, you can meet other colleagues, marketing people, platform users and clients to expand your (social) network (not the film).

-products from the website

-any specific requirements in the field of coding or wishes in general that you may have. we're open to discuss them. Feel free to bring them up!

-if everybody is happy and if things are going well, we can talk about other professional opportunities after this project on this website and on other projects!

Candidate Requirements

We will be using AngularJS and Node.js. If you have experience with those, that's great! If you don't, but you have a high command of Javascript, then you can still apply for this. We will be reviewing applications and see if you'd be a match within our development team. We are happy to further skill your staff.

Surely you're going to be needing help from colleagues or online support. As an intern you get the chance to grow in this field of expertise in a short period of time. If you can do it already, that's great. If you need help, that's also fine.
In any case we're looking for people who are giving the best they've got.

Considering the high goals we have and the short period of time of time we want to achieve things, it's a high demand job. But if you're up for it, we promise you that you will learn a lot. Besides, you will have a great time with interesting and fun colleagues with whom, during the bootcamp, it's a mentality of work hard and then play hard. And after, if both parties are happy with the achievements and contact during this period, we would love to consider other agreements with you!

We hope that you can bring your own laptop (ideally mac/linux). It's highly appreciated if you have experience with Git. We are looking for flexible team members. We also want to be flexible with you.

Please send us your motivation letter accompanied with your CV on which you elaborate about your javascript experience. If you could send us some of your code, that would be great.

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