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We are looking for a Financial Project Manager who will fullfill the following tasks

The main tasks will be

  • Process design including initiation and specification of changes in supporting IT systems (principal role)

  • Project Management

  • Demonstrable experience with Card Scheme Reconciliation

  • Demonstrable experience with Financial Reporting processesIt is important you own the following Skills:

You have to own the following skills

  • Project Management

  • English, at least B1, preferably better.

  • Result oriented attitude

  • Good cooperation (ad various internal and external organizational levels

  • negotiation skills

It is a posibility the vacancy will expand to 40 hours a week.

Resume in Word or PDF-format, completely English. Resume (with motivation) should be no longer than 7 pages.

Minimum of 2 references (name referent, organisation, phone number).

Proficiency in English and/or language asked, both spoken and written.

When certain knowledge and/or experience is requested in the selection criteria, this should become clear from the resume, making it possible to evaluate whether the criteria are met or not. Just a listing of, for example, knowledge on systems does not suffice. The degree of experience should be clearly stated.

The work experience in the resume should be specified with month and year, for example: Aug 2002 - Dec 2009.

Any education and training should be specified with the year in which it has been taken, also stating whether the diploma/certificate has been awarded or not.

In case you do not meet the resume requirements mentioned above, your proposal will not be processed.

Startdatum: 2-11-2015

Einddatum: 30-6-2016

Optie tot verlenging: ja

Aantal uur per week: 16

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