Senior BI enDB developer (Oracle , SQL server)

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Senior BI enDB developer (Oracle , SQL server)

Start : 16/11/2015

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As a Senior BI developer & DB (Oracle, Sql Server ...), you have the opportunity to collaborate on challenging technical and functional projects:
the Planning and optimization of maintenance track infrastructure and devices,
implementation of train departure procedures, European Train Control System, digital signage, the realtime monitoring of railway infrastructure and many other projects.
As highly technological company we greatly appreciate and value your technical capabilities. The agile software development like the heart in addition to source control, continuous integration, hardware development of modern and up-to-day development teams.


We are seeking a senior profile which meets the following requirements in order of priority

BI domain

  • Analyze and dashboard reporting needs of business customers

  • Develop and validate data models Star Schema / Data Vault ... based on a functional analysis

  • Define aggregations, filters, facts, dimensions, star schemas (cubes) based on business needs to provide different Presentation Layers to meet those needs

  • Define and manage abstract business objects in the repository DPR

  • Manage the promoting management between the different environments of the SDLC (INT, TST, ACC, EDU, PRE-PROD, PROD ...)

  • Develop key strategic and operational BI reports using the OBI technology (Oracle OBIEE)

  • Debugging, optimizing, migrate existing OBI reports (Oracle OBIEE)

  • Support the key users at the Data Quality Assurance phase (operational data comparisons / FL / PL / BI reports)

  • Coach and train junior developers in the BI field

  • Knowledge of Oracle BI Publisher DB field is a plus

  • The candidate will realise development PL / SQL, TSQL ... the administration and application tuning / Database ( Oracle, MySQL, SQL Srvr, PostgreSQL ...)

  • you will be responsible for ensuring code quality as well as that of management promoting Database scripts

  • you have a pragmatic experience in the design / validation of 3NF data models based on a functional analysis domain ELT / ETL

  • Define and implement the staging from the Presentation Layer Foundation to ad-hoc through the ODI ELT Layer and other ETL

  • Ensure the accuracy and performance of full load, incremental load, recalculations

Technical skills

  • Large technical background

  • expert with BI concepts and analysis

  • design and validation of data models Star Schema / Data Vault over a functional analysis

  • Expert OBI (Oracle OBIEE)

  • Oracle expert DPR

  • experimented with ELT tools (Oracle ODI) or other ETL

  • knowledge of Oracle BI Publisher is a plus

  • design and validation DRE / data model compared to 3NF functional analysis

  • experienced with Oracle and SQL Server (MySQL / PostgreSQL)

  • expert in the SQL development (PL / SQL, TSQL)

  • experienced Tuning Application and Database

  • High-level development for various projects

  • Ready to pass on his knowledge , ready to find a good technical solution for all types of problems, ready to promote the overall quality of the code

  • write technical documents

  • you have experience with middleware tools, debugging and version control.

  • Experimented with XML, XSLT, SOA, ESB, Enterprise Architecture, UML

  • experimented with TDD and unit testing

  • experimented with Git / SVN / ... Ant

  • experimented with the Continuous Integration

  • Oracle Database 11g management is an asset

  • management and validation scripts in different environments (dev, test, acc, prod)

  • Database management (security, tablespace, schema, ...)

Personal skills

Must be able to conduct non-partisan discussions to further analyze the causes and contexts of a problem

  • must take initiative

  • Must be able to work in large or small teams, as well as single

  • Communicate clearly and structured, be ready to coach junior and senior developers

  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset to promote in-house best practices

  • be passionate about technology

  • Practicing lifelong learning actively

  • Must be able to communicate in Dutch, French and English

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