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Together with our client, Hays is looking for a FREELANCE SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST/MACHINE LEARNING EXPERT. It concerns a long term mission (12 months) in Brussels.

  • > 2 years of experience in Machine Learning Techniques

  • Excellent R development skills

  • English (fluent) AND Dutch OR French (fluent)

Our client is looking for a machine learning expert that will create algorithms and models for our client’s services and products. The customer is focusing on creating new applications that enrich the user experience of mobile, wearable devices by understanding the context of the user. In this freelance mission you will propose hypotheses, and design experiments to obtain suitable data to validate these. Secondly you will explore and visualize the data to share your knowledge to the business. The freelance data scientist (/machine learning expert) will implement these models in services, products or business processes.

To be successful in this freelance role you need to have experience in using scientific method and empirical research to answer business questions. You have experience with multivariate linear regression analysis and statistical inference models. Thirdly you can apply supervised and non-supervised machine learning techniques such as SVM, Clustering, deep neural networks, Random Forests, Baysian Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Collaborative filtering, etc. To finish you have excellent R development skills, Good Python/panda & shell scripting skills (mathematical & data analysis modules), and good knowledge of at least one of Java, C.

So you are the data cruncher Hays is looking for? Apply today, HAYS IT CONTRACTING, Sophie Van Vlierberghe.

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