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As an AKKA / SCALA DEVELOPER you realize scalable high-performance back-end solutions for our customers and build new responsive apps / web applications.
You are a developer who has passion for technology and understands your profession. You master a minimum of the Scala programming language and Java.
You are well informed of the latest developments in your field and like to experiment with it. You have the knowledge to implement different architectural styles with the corresponding techniques.
You can advise a client as to which solution is best and you are able to support this choice, both technically and from a customer perspective. You have knowledge of mining reactive programming and functional programming.
You are a team player and get satisfaction from your team achieving results.

The professional content and personal knowledge and skills you have mastered

Professional knowledge

  • Knowledge of the language and JAVA MUST SCALA.

  • Knowledge of the AKKA Framework (akka.io).

  • Knowledge of the true Middle layer (herein lays the solid business logic).

  • Knowledge of reactive and functional programming.

Course content skills

  • You have experience of working in an Agile environment (eg Scrum team or DevOps team).

  • You have experience in developing senior-level software in JAVA and SCALA.

  • You have experience in getting the business requirements in the business and you can translate this into business rules based on an FSM in the AKKA framework.

  • You are familiar with Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery. You fathomed impact on the organization. You master Jenkins or Nolio.

  • You can work with the GIT code repository. You are able to push your work to the central area and merge conflicts to solve.

  • You have experience in the tooling of MAVEN (JAVA) and FBT (SCALA) for Dependency management and the build time of the software.

  • You have experience with automated testing. You know the principles of ATDD and TDD. You know the tools Junit, Senelium, Sonar and Fortify (static code analisys).

You can deal with the dashboards and you know how to deal with the findings.

  • You know the API platform design guide.

  • You can shape the API design itself and yield.

  • You have experience with resilience monitoring tools such as Logstach and Graphite.

  • You have experience with all performance tests and are able to develop scripts and performance to run and interpret the results of the tests. You know the following tools: Gettling or HP Performance Center.

  • You can deal with the cucumber tooling (for ATDD).

  • You have knowledge of Tomcat (to watch what is going wrong after deployment of your application).

Personal skills

  • You are a team player.

  • You have vision and knows how to lead with conviction.

  • You're convinced of the tools and frameworks which you work.

  • You work transparently toward teammates and the (customer) organization.

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