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De afdeling bestaat uit 24 Fte en is onderverdeeld in 3 SCRUM teams die in sprints van 2 weken ontwikkelen. We zijn op zoek naar een developer die uitstekende kennis heeft van CA 2E en minimaal 5 jaar ervaring. Daarnaast is kennis kan RPG, SQL, XML, Websphere, CL en TD/OMS essentieel.

Job Context
EINDKLANT Clearing is designated as a mono-line company within EINDKLANT and holds its own
banking license (EINDKLANT). Globally the company consists of about 800 FTEs and is self sufficient, organizing its own supporting organization.
EINDKLANT Clearing Information Technology & Business Development has a global focus with many
programs on both a national and global level. The organization is self supporting, running its own
projects, applications and hosting them from its own data centers across the globe. It does not depend on group functions or outsourcing arrangements as are available to EINDKLANT. Architecture and portfolio management are global issues. IT development, maintenance, support and IT operations are provided by three regional organizations: IT Europe, IT USA and IT APAC.
As an employee of the Department, the Application Developer Initiates, develops and controls changes to the technical design of a system and supports end-users in order to let the performance of the system meet with specifications defined by functional design and to enhance the performance regarding reliability, cost efficiency and flexibility.
EINDKLANT Clearing plays an important infrastructural role in the financial markets. It has been classified by the Dutch Central Bank as a Systematically Important Financial Institution (SIFI). As such it is closely monitored by Regulators and Central Banks. This is augmented by the fact that EINDKLANT holds significant market shares in financial markets across the globe holding top spots in clearing on numerous exchanges in every region.
Considering Information Technology as a main part of clearing services, the IT systems and processes have to meet EINDKLANT Clearing strategy demands and internal and external regulations.
Job description
Initiates, develops and controls changes to the technical design of a system and supports end-users in order to let the performance of the system meet with specifications defined by functional design and to enhance the performance regarding reliablity, cost efficiency and flexibility.
Job deliverables
Technical feasibility advices
Reviews technical requirements, functional design and acceptance criteria and advices on the technical feasibility. Estimates the own effort and duration of the requested application development.

Technical changes
Creates a technical design in line with the requirements. Aligns the alternatives and solutions with application specialist or business development. Instructs programmers about the technical design and application code.

System and integration testresults
Sets up testplans, coordinates tests (system and integration tests) and analyse test results. Advises
application specialists and programmers on needed technical changes.

Application code
Creates application code in line with the technical requirements. Aligns the alternatives and solutions with application developers and other programmers.

Component / unit / program testresults
Sets up own testplans, executes tests (component / unit / program tests) and analyse test results.
Estimates what changes in the program code to make, in order to meet the technical requirements.

Documentation and updates
Updates the application related technical documentation (e.g. operations procedures, change
implementation run book). Maintains and updates databases and system configurations.

Maintenance and support
Monitors processing of transactions and business flows and makes suggestions to optimize application performance. Analyzes and resolves technical and integral issues. Provides user support for technical, in depth issues. Handles request and problems from the operations and formulate and documents answers or solutions.
Knowledge & Communication
Knowledge of application development at a bachelors's level.
Methods and tools for application lifecycle, software engineering, and test management.
Knowledge of European clearing businesses and partners, securities instruments, business
Participation in one of the following teams MICS, Integration Layer, RTRM, Bancs, EMCF and HCH,
requires additional knowledge, according to the attachment to this job description.
2-5 years relevant working experience.

Consults with staff, related to application development (business analysts, solution analysts,
architects, end users, ERM, experts of other teams, team members), about the specifications of
application developments.
Makes agreements with team members, specialist of other teams and test managers about planning and collaboration.
Provides information, explanation and advise for (end) users of the applications about the
possibilities and usage.

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