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ING is looking for Sr Dev Engineer within the IT security domain in Amsterdam
This role involves you working within the DevOps teams of one of the departments of IT Security/IAM/Crypto. DevOps teams are aimed at both developing and managing one or more IT security capabilities. DevOps teams work in line with Agile methodology and also the Scrum method, which is a new approach to designing, building and testing capabilities and the process of implementing, managing and ultimately decommissioning capabilities.

Job description
The DevOps teams are responsible for both Development as well as the operational activities for the services provided by IAM/Crypto.
Within these boundaries, the DevOps team can decide who executes the tasks and how the tasks are being performed. What should be done, is decided by the Product Owner.

Your work environment
In the beginning Rotterdam WP will be the primary working location with weekly visits to Amsterdam HBP.
Amsterdam will be the primary location in the future but due to uncertainty in timelines, the candidate should be OK with working on both locations.
Next to that, occasionally Roosendaal DCR should be visited as well.
Stand-by duty can be part of the assignment

A successful CSI screening is mandatory before the assignment can start.

Your profile

  • University-level knowledge and capability, with an IT background;

  • CSD (Certified Scrum Developer/Engineer);

  • Certification and/or proven skills in one or more relevant programming languages.

Skills required
The candidate should follow an Agile way of Working within the team.

Technical experience

o Cryptography
o Public Key Infrastructure
o LDAP, Active Directory
o Apache/Tomcat
o Shell/SQL scripting
o Linux/RedHat
o Websphere/Java
o Automated testing


  • An Agile approach to working (tested against 'model behaviour')

  • Professional expertise/market focus

  • Analysing problems and forming judgements

  • Customer focus

  • Drive to perform

  • Collaborative


English and Dutch

What has to be realised

There is a broad spectrum of tasks with the Crypto DevOps teams ranging from small operational tasks to project like development processes.
Task include consultancy, development, scripting, testing etc. etc.

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