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Agile Coach


Best, Bobblingen (Duitsland) 80% eerste periode 2016


26-11-2015 17:00 uur


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Job position title: Agile Coach I2M

Main purpose of the role

An Agile coach’s main goal is to promote, spread and safeguard the Agile mindset in the organization, in line with the Agile transformation going on. He coaches and assists people in all layers of the organization in thinking and behaving according to the Agile mindset in their day-to-day job. He does this by leveraging his understanding of I2M/R&D processes and software development.

As a subject matter expert of the process and mindset, he coaches, enables and educates people in different levels of the organization in (Scaled) Agile and Scrum. Furthermore, he plays an enabling role to make (Scaled) Agile and Scrum a success by consulting Agile teams, business and executive management in thinking and behaving with a focus on creating value. During the transformation towards Agile, he will act in a consulting role for decision making and is a player in the actual transformation trajectory. He specifically fosters and grows other agile coaches.
Next to the coaching and consulting role, the Agile Coach is active in organizing and driving Agile Communities on a global scale.

The Agile coach is someone who is experienced in implementing agile projects in R&D and can share that experience with a project team. The agile coach is responsible for taking a team through the (cultural) change into self-governance and rapid delivery cycles by providing feedback and advice.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Train, engage and educate R&D staff in Agile, Lean and Agile methodologies

  • Spreading and safeguarding of the Agile mindset

  • Organizing, setting up and assist leading the transformation within R&D

  • Organize, facilitate the Agile Community on a global scale

Key Performance Indicators

  • Having successfully coached and trained R&D teams, management teams, business stakeholders

  • Having contributed to a transformation team making the transition to Agile successfully

  • Having taken ownership of organizing or facilitating Agile Community activities

Job knowledge, skills and experience required

  • 5+ years of experience working in an R&D or SW-intensive organization

  • Experience with Agile transformations in complex software environments, preferably in R&D

  • Experience with Agile best practices in the current industry

  • Experience in implementing Agile techniques in different cultures and environments

  • Experience on successfully run agile projects of varying size and complexity

  • Certified and proven experience in Agile methodologies

  • Extensive knowledge on the Agile mindset, Lean and various Agile methodologies

  • Ability to communicate and connect to different levels within an R&D organization

  • Ability to lead and facilitate trainings and workshops; to serve in a mentoring or coaching role

  • Creative way of thinking, problem solving, thinking in opportunities, and can-do mentality

  • Ability to provide objective guidance, without personal or political considerations

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