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Uiterlijke deadline: 15-12-2015 15:00

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NB. De Eindklant vereist exclusiviteit van aangeboden kandidaten van 5 werkdagen na de deadline van de aanvraag. Op het moment je wordt uitgenodigd voor een gesprek, wordt deze exclusiviteit met 5 werkdagen verlengd.

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Job objective
Risk Management is arguably one of the most important functions of a bank. Accepting too many clients that cannot fulfil their financial obligations at some point is disastrous. So is declining too many healthy clients. For this reason, eindklant employs credit risk models; to predict the probability of default, the level of risk when engaging in a deal with a client and the risk weighted return on that deal. All to make sound decisions on whether or not Rabobank will do business with someone.

It is in these dynamics we invite you to join our team that implements and maintains a financial credit risk modelling system in an international environment as a business analyst.

About us

  • We work in small, dedicated teams (A project manager, 2 business analysts,3 developers and 2 testers) to deliver added-value solutions in close collaboration with our business partners and Product Owners.

  • Our credit risk models and calculations can be complex, let alone the solutions we design to implement them.

  • We work in an international environment (4 to 5 nations represented in our dedicated team, including business partners)

  • We have stand-ups, retrospectives, short sprints and strive for continuous delivery of working software and stakeholder value. In other words: we are Agile

About you

  • You get energized by identifying- and planning for stakeholder value delivery

  • You understand what it means to represent IT at the business and the business at IT

  • You don’t get scared when confronted with mathematics and complexity, instead you go in head first to tackle it

  • You can operate a helicopter; rapidly switch between a birds-eye view and ground-level detail

Your background

  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Business, IT and / or Econometrics / Mathematics

  • Profession: at least 5 years, recent hands-on experience ‘doing’ business analysis, knowing what it means to ‘do’ business analysis in a Scrum team by experience (Applying SbE, User Stories and stakeholder value concepts are a big advantage)

  • Domain knowledge: At least a basic understanding of credit risk terminology, preferably 3 years experience in the credit risk domain or at least 5 years experience in the Banking-, Finance- or Insurance sector.

  • Language: you speak, write and understand English and Dutch completely fluently. Non-negotiable.

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