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Many thanks for your reaction via on our vacancy for a Project Issue Escalation Coördinator.
If we haven't contacted you then you were not selected as a candidate for this role.

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"The Project Issue Escalation Coordinator role is responsible for the following: 

  • Manage the Project Issue Escalation process and the Systemic Project Issue process as process manager and process owner. 

- Track and trace progress of the project issue escalations and systemic issues.

  • Organize meetings/calls to discuss project escalations with all relevant parties involved and drive towards resolution. 

  • Organize and prepare the Project Escalation meetings depending on the assigned Escalation coordinator role.

The Escalation coordinator role is responsible for all escalations at a certain escalation level. Activities are:

  • tracking and tracing the status of project escalations with the party/person responsible to resolve, creating escalation meeting agendas, capturing updates and actions, keeping the escalation tool up to date, follow up on actions and advice/decide if escalations need to move up to the next escalation level, initiate and lead meetings to get alignment between the initiator and resolving party and drive escalations towards resolution. 

  • Provide status information and reports to the project escalation initiator, Infrastructure Suppliers, relevant people in the organization and other parties involved. 

  • Assess submitted project escalations and decide if these are valid escalations or operational infrastructure issues.

  • Create clear and to the point issue descriptions and resolution criteria. 

  • For all new escalations, assess and gather all necessary information.

  • Start the resolution process for the escalated project issue and involve representatives at escalation level 0 and level 1 and the KIPA Delivery Assurance person to assist with information gathering and with the escalation resolution. 

  • Keep the escalation tool (SharePoint) up to date. 

  • Create weekly, monthly and quarterly reports (excel and PowerPoint).

  • Identify, create and manage Systemic project issues regarding a specific supplier. This means adding value to senior management by creating RTG plans for systemic issues and report/monitor weekly to ensure progress. 

  • Continually improve the Escalation process, tool and reports  Work closely with a large community of contact persons within the Supplier organizations and businesses"

Technical Skills and Experience "

  • Analytical skills (quick understanding of complex issues and able to structure, define/explain to others )

- Project Management skills (good understanding of Project Management, able to lead meetings and bring structure to complex situations)
- Prince2 Practitioner and/or IPMA-C and/or PMP certified preferred
- Eager to resolve and drive complex issues towards resolution
- Good understanding of Infrastructure projects and services
- Good understanding of Infrastructure outsourcing services and business
- Good understanding of the impact of project risks and issues on the business
- Accurate (regarding administrative part of the job)
- Good understanding of Project Management methods (preference: knowledge of theProject Delivery Framework (PDF))
- Good understanding of Microsoft products: Outlook, SharePoint, Excel and PowerPoint
- Preference: knowledge of ITIL
- Preference: Good understanding of the project and operational organization(s), service managers "

Soft Skills and Experience "

  • Excellent communication skills (verbally and written) in English

- Self starter and quick learner
- Team player
- Comfortable working with cross functional and global teams in a large, complex, dynamic and global company.
- Ability to work with and communicate with (verbally / written) persons on different management levels (Project Manager, Programme Director, Seniorleadership team
- Responsible in order to perform the job role assigned independently (without direct oversight)
- Motivated to perform an operational job

Interested? Please response with recent English cv, motivation and hourly rate.

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