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Role Manager

Position of vacancy (where will you be working)
Center IT infra, Team Security Operations, Utrecht.

Center objective

Provides the Client IT Infrastructure including outsources infrastructure contract, factory style, reliable, minimal lean, run optimized, standardized, consolidated and automated with a strong focus on best-in class costs compared to peers, leading to an IT infrastructure that contributes emphatically to the Client strategy.

Team objective

Performs the Client operational security tasks, divided in three main domains: Key management and management of HSM devices, logical and physical authorisation management and monitoring the IT security for deviations on policies and for threats; performs Life cycle & functional management of the tooling and devices applied in all three domains, within determined policies and according to determined processes resulting in optimal security supporting the Client strategy.

For the IMAC (Identity Management & Access Control) part of the team, we are looking for a new Role Manager.

What will you be doing?

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) / Role definition / Application onboarding; Defines in cooperation with application owners / team managers the different roles for an application and implements them in the identity management tooling, both for Client as external customers

o Requests application owners to deliver an overview of access profiles
o Defines the various access roles for an application together with the application owner
o Implements the roles in the Identity Management tooling

  • Access Certification /Attestation; verifies periodically the correctness of roles/users with the application owners

o Creates an overview per application of the active roles/user permissions
o Verifies with the owner the correctness of the roles/user permissions
o Validates the correct implementation of the roles/user permissions
o Corrects and updates roles/user permissions if necessary

  • Functional Application Management; managing the functionality of the IAM software

o Defines and communicates (new) requirements to the IAM software supplier
o Configures, test and implements (or coordinates the implementation of) new functionality
o Verifies and steers on the correct patch level of the software
o Communicates and trains the colleagues or organization regarding new functionality

  • Provisioning; Coordinates the implementation of automatic provisioning of user access for new roles and new applications

o Defines the requirements of an automated link between the IAM software and the systems/applications concerned, in close cooperation with the owners and the team
o Coordinates and implements the change for automatic provisioning

  • Audit & Compliance; Realizes checking, control, solving and improving of work processes in order to realize providing evidence for internal and external audits and solves any finding that results from an audit

o Realizing check & controls for audit purposes
o Solves findings that result from an audit
o Advises and implements improvements pro-actively to prevent audit findings


  • General requirements

o HVE working & thinking level (HBO in Dutch).
o At least 3 year experience in Identity & Access Management;
o ITIL-knowledge (preferable ITIL foundation certificate);
o Security knowledge (preferably finished CISSP certified)
o Fluently in Dutch and English (talking and writing);
o Communication skills;
o Independent worker but also a team player.

  • Must haves

o Knowledge of IDM tooling (preferably RSA IMG);
o Knowledge of user stores (LDAP’s etc.);
o Microsoft windows 2008/2012 knowledge;
o Office automation (word, excel, especially pivot tables).

  • Nice to haves

o Linux knowledge
o Public Key Infrastructure

Resume requirements without reference
Description Resume in Word or PDF-format, completely in English. Resume (with motivation) should be no longer than 7 pages.

Proficiency in English and/or language mentioned in the selection criteria both spoken and written.

When certain knowledge and/or experience is requested in the selection criteria, this should become clear from the resume, making it possible to evaluate whether the criteria are met or not. Just a listing of, for example, knowledge on systems does not suffice. The degree of experience should be clearly stated.

The work experience in the resume should be specified with month and year, for example: Aug 2002 - Dec 2009.

Any education and training should be specified with the year in which it has been taken, also stating whether the diploma/certificate has been awarded or not.

In case you do not meet the resume requirements mentioned above, your proposal will not be processed.

Proposal deadline: 22-2-2016 10:00

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