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Knowledge, Skills & Experience


  • Academic background (minimum Bachelor): preferably in business administration or finance / procurement

  • > 5 years of experience in Procurement / Supply Chain / relevant Business

  • Preferably experience working in a (team) leadership / management position

  • Preferably experience in an international / multi-country / matrix environment

  • Preferably experience in one (or more) of the Client Affiliates

  • Demonstrable experience of working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment, with a strong focus on customer service

Knowledge & Skills

  • Excellent communication and networking skills

  • Excellent change management skills to drive step improvement in entity’s capabilities within a global matrix structure that is relatively new to the CLIENT organization

  • Relates effectively to people at all levels of the organization and with the Supply base

  • Knows when to push for a solution and how to win people’s commitment

  • Can exert influence without formal authority across the business in a complex matrix organization

  • Can-do mentality, pragmatic, drives for excellent results

  • Able to articulate, advocate and work effectively at a senior level to build relationships, develop support, and advance the activities within the company

  • Able to liaise effectively with executive vendor management and have contract negotiation skills covering complex agreements

  • Advanced skills in MS Office (Excel / Access / PP etc.)


  • Fluency (oral & written) in English

  • Preferably one or more additional languages as spoken in the entity’s market

Generic Leadership model Competency Level (scale 1-4, see Sirius operational model & role

description) - Indicative: dependent on category size

  • Leadership: 3 (Skilled)

Role models desired behaviours and values, sets direction with vision, and projects confidence, optimism and energy to others. Leads and coaches the team, allowing them to manage their own work. Drives and supports change initiatives.

  • Demonstrates resolve under pressure even if viewpoint unpopular

  • Projects an optimistic, energetic "can do" attitude

  • Consistently behaves in an honest, ethical manner (e.g. avoids manipulation or hidden agendas, etc.)

  • Provides timely recognition and supportive feedback to individuals and teams

  • Proposes change initiatives required to address current and future business needs

  • Customer Relationship Management: 3 (Skilled)

Has comprehensive knowledge of the customer, their business, and how products/services meets the customer’s needs. Determines where to go in organization to obtain facts & answers; able to leverage right people to meet deadlines, sense of urgency.

  • Develops and maintains influential, close relationships with mid-level internal or external customer executives (e.g. Director)

  • Proactively works with internal and external customers to identify problems, resolutions, and opportunities

  • Provides guidance to others on how to acquire and apply customer knowledge

  • Actively finds ways to gain in-depth knowledge of what the customer needs, values and prefers (e.g. competitive suppliers, etc.) by understanding their wider business objectives

  • Demonstrates, by example, the importance of building long-term supportive professional relationships that optimize value and mutual loyalty

  • Negotiation Preparation: 3 (Skilled)

Defines negotiation requirements and parameters. Gathers data and analyzes data. Develops negotiation strategy, and coordinates plan for execution.

  • Creates negotiation strategy based on thorough knowledge of business requirements and the supplier

  • Communicates negotiation strategy and parameters to negotiating team and defines roles

  • Develops negotiation options organically

  • Negotiation Execution: 3 (Skilled)

Conducts the negotiation and developing options to reach successful outcomes that maximally supports organizational objectives and strategies.

  • Executes negotiating strategy for moderately critical and/or moderately complex items, ensuring value is perceived with longer-term vision

  • Coaches and leads multi-disciplinary negotiating team in employing appropriate negotiating techniques and engages stakeholders

  • Monitors market conditions and re-evaluates critical data and strategies if conditions change during the negotiation process

  • Acts ethically during all stages of negotiations and maintains positive relationships during issue resolution

  • RFx Execution: 3 (Skilled)

Determines the appropriate type of proposal to use, and develops, executes, and analyzes the results.

  • Defines RFx documentation and specification requirements

  • Determines evaluation criteria for analyzing response

  • Identifies opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality through specification modifications

  • Auction Execution: 3 (Skilled)

Determines when to use auctions, and plans and conducts auctions.

  • Identifies opportunities to use auctions to reduce costs, increase leverage, and improve service

  • Assesses and selects vendors to use when conducting auctions

  • Evaluates auction results and identifies improvement initiatives for future auctions

  • Supplier Screening and Selection: 3 (Skilled)

Determines the supplier screening approach, and analyzes both quantitative and qualitative information to assess, screen, and select suppliers working with other functions as appropriate.

  • Defines detailed quantitative and qualitative information required for supplier screening and selection

  • Manages the execution of supplier site inspections continually improving approaches

  • Coaches and leads a cross-functional team to define analysis and decision criteria, and assess suppliers against criteria

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis: 4 (Expert)

Prepares total cost of ownership analysis and applies analysis systematically in sourcing decision processes.

  • Identifies and weighs the different components of total cost of ownership for a class of products or services

  • Builds a total cost of ownership model for a specific class of products or services

  • Applies advanced financial principles and calculations in total cost of ownership model

  • Draws conclusions from total cost of ownership analysis

Coaches co-workers in developing total cost of ownership analysis

  • Supplier Relationship Management: 3 (Skilled)

Applies the components of supplier relationship management: supplier segmentation, supplier relationship differentiation, and supplier certification.

  • Improves key supplier relationships based on segment and differentiated strategy

  • Develops sources of supply with new and existing suppliers to fill demand requirements

  • Collaborates with suppliers to create long-term strategic benefits for all parties

  • Develops supplier certification programs

  • Global and Cultural Alertness: 3 (Skilled)

Considers global scope to identify areas of potential collaboration, and works effectively in a diverse/multi-cultural environment and team; understands supports and practices Client Diversity initiatives.

  • Consistently seeks value at highest common level (e.g. global, etc.)

  • Adapts to diverse cultural norms/expectations

  • Recognizes and leverages colleagues' strengths and diversity of views

Cluster specific Critical success factors (maximum of 2)

  • Demonstrate integrity: be the ‘conscience of the organization’, working collectively, not individually

Demonstrates high levels of Integrity and openly challenges others

  • Engages with the Business using Business Language (commercially focused, not technical jargon)

Demonstrates credibility and confidence when addressing the business getting them on-board

Job specific Critical success factors (maximum of 2)

  • Deliver: Make it happen, put your head up and take decisions

Long term view in combination with short term needs: fine balance between relation and strategy

  • Having a Global footprint & Mind set

Consistently considers issues and ideas using a Global perspective

Key Measures

  • OPEX and CAPEX Value Creation/Spend Control

  • Vendor Financing

  • Quality and timeliness of reporting

  • Vendor performance improvements

  • Internal customer satisfaction

Working Relationships and Team Working


  • Global Supply Market Leader (‘GSML’ / VP Procurement)

  • Market Procurement Leads

  • Local Category Lead

  • Direct report(s) – Global Commodity Lead(s)

  • CoE Lead

  • CoE employees (e.g. Global Analysts)

  • Relevant stakeholders in markets

  • Business control to oversee and manage overall external spend

  • Procurement @ Client


  • Vendors

  • 3rd Party Partners (Hardware & Software)

Resume requirements
Description Resume in Word or PDF-format, completely in English. Resume (with motivation) should be no longer than 7 pages.

Proficiency in English and/or language mentioned in the selection criteria both spoken and written.

When certain knowledge and/or experience is requested in the selection criteria, this should become clear from the resume, making it possible to evaluate whether the criteria are met or not. Just a listing of, for example, knowledge on systems does not suffice. The degree of experience should be clearly stated.

The work experience in the resume should be specified with month and year, for example: Aug 2002 - Dec 2009.

Any education and training should be specified with the year in which it has been taken, also stating whether the diploma/certificate has been awarded or not.

In case you do not meet the resume requirements mentioned above, your proposal will not be processed.

Assignment information
Startdate 21-3-2016
Enddate 23-9-2016
Option to extend ja
Hours per week 40
Number of positions requested 1
Request reason Anders

Proposal deadline: 26-2-2016 15:00

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