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Voor mijn directe eindklant ben ik per direct opzoek naar een aantal SharePoint beheerders.

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Niveau: Junior/Medior

SharePoint Administrator
The front facing support and configuration role day to day that should exist in all SharePoint environments. For global companies there may be a lead administrator and then local administrators. This role manages and provides front-end services such as creation of site collections, quotas, some 2nd and 3rd level support, security, site administration, template creation and management, some solution creation when part of business as usual activities. Will also manage change control tasks, documentation and even advise business customer’s day to day onsite. The most important customer facing role of all the roles on an ongoing basis.

SharePoint Core Skills

  • Maintain access requests and invitations

  • Navigate in SharePoint

  • Manage site collection and site features

  • Configure and manage subscriptions

  • Configure and manage audit logging

  • Configure and manage Usage and Health logging

  • Configure and manage top and left hand side navigation

  • Create and manage (sub)sites

  • Create and manage lists and libraries

  • Create and manage views

  • Create and manage content types and columns

  • Configure Record Management

  • Version management

  • Configure Search Center

  • Process automation with out of the box workflows

  • Maintain and use Managed Metadata

  • Maintain user permissions and authorizations

SharePoint Infrastructure Specialist
The person who manages (day by day) servers that run SharePoint. Is responsible for installation and configuration of SharePoint software, SharePoint product patches, and SharePoint service packs. Also the person who configures the SharePoint back-end, such as links to content databases and configuration of SharePoint service applications. The person to troubleshoot and diagnose when things go wrong. This person understands SQL clustering, Active Directory, Claims-Based Security, Disaster Recovery, and Load-Balancing. Finally, a must have skill for this role is PowerShell. The SharePoint team has put a huge amount of time and development into providing scriptable SharePoint administrative functions via PowerShell. In fact there are many things that can only be accomplished this way. Knowing how to leverage PowerShell with SharePoint will make performing this role much easier.

Microsoft describes this as follows

SharePoint Core Skills
Plan and configure authentication

  • Plan and configure Windows authentication; plan and configure identity federation; configure claims providers; configure site-to-site (S2S) intra-server and OAuth authentication; plan and configure anonymous authentication; configure connections to Access Control Service; configure authentication for hybrid cloud deployments

Plan and configure authorization

  • Plan and configure SharePoint users and groups; plan and configure People Picker; plan and configure sharing; plan and configure permission inheritance; plan and configure anonymous access; plan web application policies

Plan and configure platform security

  • Plan and configure security isolation; plan and configure services lockdown; plan and configure general firewall security; plan and configure antivirus settings; plan and configure certificate management

Plan and configure farm-level security

  • Plan rights management; plan and configure delegated farm administration; plan and configure delegated service application administration; plan and configure managed accounts; plan and configure blocked file types; plan and configure web part security

Plan installation

  • Identify and configure installation prerequisites; implement scripted deployment; implement patch slipstreaming; plan and install language packs; plan and configure service connection points; plan installation tracking and auditing; implement managed paths for Office 365 migrations; configure SharePoint hybrid cloud settings

Plan and configure farm-wide settings

  • Configure incoming and outgoing email; plan and configure proxy groups; configure SharePoint Designer settings; plan and configure a corporate catalog; configure Office Web Apps integration; configure Microsoft Azure workflow server integration

Create and configure enterprise search

  • Plan and configure a search topology; plan and configure content sources; plan and configure crawl schedules; plan and configure crawl rules; plan and configure crawl performance; plan and configure security trimming

Create and configure a Managed Metadata Service (MMS) application

  • Configure proxy settings for managed service applications; configure content type hub settings; configure sharing term sets; plan and configure content type propagation schedules; configure custom properties; configure term store permissions; configure managed metadata service (MMS) imports

Create and configure a User Profile Service (UPA) application

  • Configure a UPA application; set up My Sites and My Site hosts; configure social permissions; plan and configure sync connections; configure profile properties, configure audiences

Provision and configure web applications

  • Create managed paths; configure HTTP throttling; configure List throttling; configure Alternate Access Mappings (AAM); configure an authentication provider; configure SharePoint Designer settings

Create and maintain site collections

  • Configure Host header site collections; configure self-service site creation; maintain site owners; maintain site quotas; configure site policies; configure a team mailbox

Manage site and site collection security

  • Manage site access requests; manage App permissions; manage anonymous access; manage permission inheritance; configure permission levels; configure HTML field security

Manage search

  • Manage result sources; manage query rules; manage display templates; manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings; manage result types; manage a search schema

Manage taxonomy

  • Manage site collection term set access; manage term set navigation; manage topic catalog pages; configure custom properties; configure search refinement; configure list refinement

Monitor a SharePoint environment

  • Define monitoring requirements; configure performance counter capture; configure page performance monitoring; configure usage and health providers; monitor and forecast storage needs; monitor SharePoint hybrid cloud deployments

Tune and optimize a SharePoint environment

  • Plan and configure SQL optimization; execute database maintenance rules; plan for capacity software boundaries; estimate storage requirements; plan and configure caching; tune network performance

Troubleshoot a SharePoint environment

  • Establish baseline performance; perform client-side tracing; perform server-side tracing; analyze usage data; enable a developer dashboard; analyze diagnostic logs; troubleshoot SharePoint hybrid cloud issues

SharePoint Advanced Skills

Required Technical skills
SharePoint Service Application Technology
SharePoint Deployment
SharePoint Configuration
SharePoint Upgrade, and Patching
Office Web Apps
Internet Information Services
SMTP (Incoming and Outgoing email)
Business Data Catalog
SAML 2.0
Claims Authentication
Event Viewer and Performance Monitor
Active Directory (including LDAP queries)
Windows Server Administration
SQL Server Administration

Desired Technical Skills
SQL Server
Background in .Net\SharePoint Development
Back-up and Restore

Required Non-technical skills
Understanding of SharePoint Architecture
Understanding of Out of the box features
Understanding of Business Processes
Troubleshooting Experience

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