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TL;DR: Recruitment and job searches are old fashioned. We have the balls to try something new in this crowded HR-space. Mobile, interactive, chatty and data-driven. Care to join?

What we're up to

We aim to connect people based on passion, purpose and potential. To inspire talent with new insights on their potential. To uncover previously unknown opportunities.
We’re building a platform for talent. Not another job board or smart modern resume. But a whole new way to profile yourself, get inspired or challenged, and connect with people in an easy, familiar way.

We’ll present our users small chunks of content to interact with. Things like skills, values, motivations, or opportunities. With simple calls-to-action, such as: swipe right on a value that’s important to you, or mention a friend ‘@emma: Lol, this is SO you!’.

Based on a user’s profile we recommend new directions, people, job roles, companies or other content. Users can connect with new like-minded people. Find job opportunities that fit their complete profile, (instead of searching for ‘account manager’, ugh). Or discover new fields to work in, that match their skills and passions.

What we need

This is a greenfield project. We’re currently polishing our ideas into a product roadmap. We’ve already started with the recommendation engine (IBM Watson) and the scraping technology.
But there’s so much more to do. And that’s where you come in. To help us build the product with your magical gift of coding. You’ll bring your experience and ideas, and will have the opportunity to learn more.

You will have a lot of freedom. You can decide for yourself what tools and resources to use. We’ll work in a small committed team, with no hard job descriptions, but eager people who are ambitious to get the most out of this opportunity.

Who are we?

We’re currently forming our team. Besides founders Nicole and Robbert there’s data scientist Geert and product owner Johannes. We’re looking for two more developers and a visual designer.

Our offer

There are no fancy lunches and we don’t have our own gym. But if that’s what you need, I’m sure we can work something out. Or if you prefer a big basket for all the failed designs, I’m on it. We offer a chance to work on an ambitious project in a startup that has the balls to try something really new in this crowded HR-tech space. Because we see that talent has unmet needs, and we believe we can fulfil them.

In short, you have

  • Proven working experience building iOS apps

  • Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle

  • Experience with analytics, metrics, and A/B tests

  • Strong sense of interaction and design

  • Knowledge of other web technologies and UI/UX standards

  • Understanding of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines

  • Preferably available full-time

  • Flexible landing spots; The Hague, Amersfoort or Zeist are available

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