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Global Recruitment Business Partner HR


We’re not going to beat about the bush: this is not a regular recruitment function at an average organization. So what is it then? A key top position in the core recruitment team that we often refer to as a Formula 1 team. Within this state-of-the-art team, you will be one of 11 colleagues working on the future of ASML: connecting the best people (worldwide) that make ASML what it is: an authoritative, international market leader.

Job Mission
At ASML we conduct global recruitment differently. Innovatively. With volatility. Radically. Thinking for the long term.

Job Description
For us, superior recruitment starts with contracting out all our operational recruitment activities to a recruitment partner. This way, we can easily up- or downscale resources, to handle whatever demand we have, thereby enabling you, as a member of our core team, to focus completely on:

  1. Understanding the demand in the business and translating this demand into an appropriate proactive employment market solution.

What is the future demand for specific sectors? What is the demand today? What is the prognosis for the long term? One day you will be re-directing the demand straight through to our recruitment partner, and the next day you could, for example, be calling in our Labor Market Communications Team for a strategic branding campaign.
The complexity of the processes within ASML is immense and the standards are high. This demands a high degree of intelligence and insight, as well as strong interpersonal relational skills that you will need when building your relations with key business stakeholders. You are virtually a part of the business and you will be continually building bridges between the business and recruitment. Indispensable competencies you will require are the ability to tune instantly into the continually changing demand of the business, to speak the language of the business, and to anticipate future needs.

  1. The responsibility for your own area of expertise. In your case there are two options

· This concerns realizing the connection between recruitment and Labor Market Communications. This way you optimize, amongst other things, our international labor market communications, Employer Value Proposition, and branding. With your expertise you expand and assure the reach of ASML as employer toward future employees, and you represent the new employee internally.

We will only entrust this area of expertise to an extrovert specialist who is – and will continue to be – up to date on all the new developments in the field of international recruitment. Both online and offline. Via social media, referral recruitment and recruitment websites.

· Everything to do with, processes, tooling, systems and reporting analytics. In the short term, this means that you will focus on establishing which applicant tracking system fits seamlessly with the needs and processes of all our international offices. You will continuously be fine-tuning each process and enhancing reporting & analytics. You will study all labor market analyses and, where necessary, translate these into market solutions.

We will only entrust this area of expertise to a structured specialist with an above-average level of analytical skills. In big data, you will identify patterns and causalities that you will convert into practical opportunities to optimize recruitment processes continuously. And if you have a black belt in 6 Sigma or demonstrable Project management skills, all the better.
As Recruitment Business Partner, you will frequently be engaging with our recruitment partners worldwide, and will collaborate closely with sourcers, recruiters, HR managers, Labor Market Communications, and the academic world.

Master’s degree in, preferably, a technical field, Human Resources or Psychology.

In terms of work experience and level of qualifications, we are looking for a Recruitment Business Partner with a master’s degree in, preferably, a technical field, Human Resources or Psychology. You have a minimum of 7 years work experience in a recruitment-related position, for example as a Recruitment Manager or Senior Recruiter. Even better if your work experience was at an international level or outside the Netherlands. If your background doesn’t fit the profile exactly but you are convinced you can take on the responsibilities described, we’d love for you to surprise us.

Personal skills
Within Global Recruitment ASML, we are looking for the best people across the globe. To find these people, we focus on the individual behind each CV/profile. And that is exactly what we are doing for this position. We are particularly interested to find out if you:
· Are both strategic and pragmatic: you don’t get carried away with the fantastic ideas you think up but actually take action to put them into practice;
· Can deal with situations of high complexity – at AMSL, a lot of things happen all at once and all the time;
· Are continually focused. Not just to enable you to respond quickly to changes in labor market demands, but also to react appropriately to critical feedback (both positive and negative) from your colleagues;
· Have a positive mindset, thinking in terms of solutions, and with a ‘carry on’ attitude toward setbacks;
· Do not possess an obsessive will to ‘score’ – this isn’t the kind of recruitment function where you simply fill job vacancies, it’s a relation management role within the field of recruitment;
· Do not suffer from a fear of flying – occasionally you will be flying to our offices in, amongst other locations, Taiwan, South Korea, China and U.S.

Context of the position

With its roots in the Netherlands, ASML has grown to become an international high-tech organization, with some 15,000 employees of 87 different nationalities all working closely together. We work with each other, with clients, with suppliers, and with knowledge institutes. Our staff includes some of the most creative thinkers in the world today; 44% of them possess a master’s degree, 33% a bachelor’s degree, including some 600 PhD’s. Employees work together in tightly-knit multidisciplinary teams, challenging each other, listening to each other, learning from each other, and exchanging ideas.
The feeling of pride is a strong and tangible internal motivation at ASML. We are proud of who we are, of our achievements, how we accomplish these achievements, and of the fact that we are the worldwide market leader in the chip market. This pride, combined with our outstanding employment conditions and terms, lies at the core of our exceptionally low (2%) turnover rate.

Location: Veldhoven

Hourly rate including travel expenses: Between € 80 and € 95

Please respond before March 17 with your resume, motivation letter (in English), availability and hourly rate.

Enclose a personal motivation for this position!!! If not enclosed, you will not be selected for this position.
Feedback will (most likely) not be provided before March 30

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