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Your challenge
The Cocreate program claims to bring people together and help them to unleash their creativity to develop inspiring and meaningful solutions. To do this, people from different disciplines need to collaborate. Each participant brings unique and specific knowledge, but to realize breakthrough innovations, they need to collaborate and combine their knowledge in a creative manner. It is your challenge to make this happen. You have to orchestrate the collaboration and facilitate the discussions such that the team takes a learning approach and gets to solutions that are relevant to the user, are technical feasible and have a viable business model. Although you will sometimes not have a formal mandate, you will have to engage with people from different disciplines, make them feel comfortable in the innovative journey and lead discussions and dialogues from a neutral position.

Your responsibilities
As a Cocreate Lead (Project Manager Design), you are expected to lead and facilitate creative collaboration between different disciplines. You take sometimes vague challenges and involve people from different disciplines, engage with the stakeholders to get them into the initiative and agree a clear scope of action. You kick-start Cocreate tracks, drive the further collaboration and do all stakeholder management to ensure these tracks will have impact. You facilitate discussions and workshops such that multi-disciplinary teams take a learning approach to innovation and realize creative breakthroughs. You organize and direct the work around you, such that the multi-disciplinary teams come to tangible results and new insights. You monitor the results (Content) of the process and evaluate how it will accelerate to the formulated goal. Next to running several projects, you engage with external communities (Such as agencies and universities) to keep track of the latest developments in design thinking. You develop your own perspective on the role of managing these tracks and facilitating creativity, and possibly participate in research and publications. In the process you practice design thinking yourself and sometimes facilitate sessions to train “non-designers”.

Your team
The Cocreate team is involved in strategy projects, value proposition creation, co-creation with external stakeholders in healthcare and is helping other departments in general problem solving. With an experimental approach, in which we consider innovation a learning process by teams, we help multi-disciplinary teams to discover new insights, frame challenges, get to new ideas and quickly build demonstrators to learn if ideas indeed work. The Cocreate team is orchestrating a global network (Community of Practice) building and growing the understanding of Design Thinking.

We are looking for

  • You have a Master degree and at least 10 years of working experience that clearly support the required skills

  • You have excellent verbal and written skills in English

  • You have clear and proven skills in design thinking/ facilitating creativity and know the different technics (theory & tricks)

  • You have a clear track record in running project teams and you know how to combine strategic thinking and hands-on action

  • You are a clear self-starter, that is highly energetic with a positive mindset, understands how to motivate others and accelerates teamwork

  • You know how to engage with different stakeholders and know how to get them involved and you know how to manage collaboration between different disciplines and get to hard results

  • You are able to work with people at different levels of the company and you are able to work on several projects in parallel and work with sometimes very challenging deadlines

This is a temporary assignment for at least one year. Salary indication up to 5500 Euro's per month based on a 40 hour working week. Or for a freelancer an hourly rate up to 75 Euro's.

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