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The person fulfilling this role will play a major part in maintaining the systems that form our client’s streaming services 24/7/365 as well as suggesting, designing, building and supporting new functionality to keep up with the fast paced changes in streaming. The majority of network traffic on the internet these days is part of a streaming service of some sort and you will be an important part of it.

The applications we support have to be highly reliable, highly scalable and take full advantage of our virtualization platform and our global reach.
Our client prides itself on the creative use of technology. As the boundary between the application-layer and platform-layer becomes increasingly blurred, this role is pivotal and demands a broad technical understanding and passion for the media industry.

Main Responsibilities

  • Formulating suggestions and designs to improve the streaming platform of our client

  • Providing 3rd line support and exception handling streaming related issues

  • Mentoring team members on the intricacies of streaming and highly scalable CDN solutions

  • Supporting the presales teams with bids concerning streaming solutions

  • Part of the team deploying and maintaining highly reliable, highly scalable systems, applications and streaming solutions

  • Defining and implementing internal processes and standards

  • Evangelizing new technologies and methods

  • Collaborating with users;

o translate user needs into solutions
o manage tools through their entire life-cycle; including documentation and version control

  • Build upon and maintain Enterprise tools,

o facilitating Agile work streams for the technical teams
o a bias towards open-source technologies over 3rd party, proprietary solutions
o happy to represent the business on open-source projects you are passionate about

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Transcoding of multimedia streams, both live streams and on-demand, using FFmpeg and proprietary encoders

  • You do not need a search engine to understand terms like HLS, multicast RTP, h264, baseline, GOP, b-frames, CABAC, Widevine and AAC-LC

  • You know the difference between scaling out and scaling up and understand why a streaming CDN solution is using the former rather than the latter

  • Expert knowledge of how HTTP(S) traffic actually works, using webservers such as Nginx and Apache

o Pre and post hooks in webservers
o Caching strategies
o (Reverse) proxies
o CORS, ETag and various other useful headers
o Etc.

  • Expertise in provisioning techniques (E.g. Consul, Puppet, PXE, Cobbler, Pulp)

  • Ability to make systems sing

o Good scripting knowledge (Bash, LUA, Python, etc.)
o Base knowledge of *NIX system administration
o Base knowledge of virtualization orchestration
o Base knowledge of *NIX Enterprise tools (e.g. DNS/BIND, IPA, GIT, Pulp, Elastic stack)
o Ninja CLI and OS skills (e.g. Regex, Cron, compiling software from scratch or using spec files)
o Owning logging and monitoring systems (e.g. Logstash, Kibana, Zabbix, Observium)
o Ability to mix and match physical and virtual hardware and cloud instances as needed to form a heterogeneous solution
o A good understanding of network concepts and their importance to our streaming/CDN solution, such as load balancing, VRRP, LVS, BGP, peering, multicast, etc.

  • Be able to take into account the complete ecosystem of components that make up the streaming solution when troubleshooting or implementing changes or improvements

  • Creative thinking

  • Insatiable hunger to expand technical skills, seeing new technology, tools and utilities as a fun and potential expansion of your work

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

  • Comfortable contributing to an agile environment

  • A proactive problem solver

  • Keen documenter and contributor to the CI environment

  • Automate whenever possible.

  • Excellent written and spoken English

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