Business Analist Hedging/Financial Models

Harvey Nash
Geplaatst op
2 tot 6 maanden
Op uurbasis
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Den Haag


Voor een directe eindklant in Den Haag is Harvey Nash op zoek naar een Business Analist Hedging/Financial Models.

Start: z.s.m.

Duur: 6 maanden

Inzet: 40 uur per week

Position of role

The finance department consist of three areas; Business Control and Pricing (BC&P), Capital Management and Policies (CMP) and Financial Information Management (FIM). FIM is the department which is responsible for all external (financial) reporting to stakeholders. FIM is looking for analyst Financial Models. The role will be managed from the FIM BI team with in FIM. This the team in the lead for technical maintenance of all financial Models.


Currently the technical ownership of financial models in organized within different teams of Finance. There is a need for more professional control and development standards around the models. Therefore we plan to move the technical ownership of models to a central team, FIM BI.

In the coming weeks it is planned to hand over a complex model for hedging and the creation of economic scenarios to the FIM BI team. The environment consist of a large number of excel files, VBA code and Matlab code. The documentation and structure has recently been updated by the CMP team that is currently responsible.

The role is setup to receive the model and to make sure we can run the models for periodic production work. At the same time we like to have the models reviewed for future development towards the plan end architecture which will consistent of SQL Server 2016, R revolution and Power BI.

The role has two sites to be management. One is the technical review and work on the model. The other is that this is also a change for a number of people who will get a new role.

Role / Key Responsibilties

Technical competence for the role

Basic knowledge of SII rulings and principals is a must have.

Actuarial or Econometrics education

Programming knowledge of VBA, Matlab and R

Knowledge of TFS service for code control

Other competence for the role

Working in teams

Clear way of communication

Focus on results.

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