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Now let me start again

Hi there! We are a booming startup aiming to bring VR and 3D into the world on a very large scale (think country level). We attract clients and funding worldwide, and have an immediate growth problem.
We are therefore in need of skilled and proficient leaders in their field.

For the (Dev)Ops side of the operations we wish to find somebody with the following profile

  • comes from the 'ops' side of software, so knows how to serve quality and stability

  • has been moving in the devops world for some time already

  • understands infrastructure as code is a must, and that pets must die

  • has strong knowledge and experience with cloud and cluster computing, like docker swarm / kubernetes / hashicorp tools

  • understands the need to put security first, so preferably knows best practices regarding those

  • likes to be part of a big project that will expose it's bleeding edge services to serve countries, cities and businesses around the world in the next decades to come...awesomeness.

We are now under 15 people, mostly scientists, (mobile) devs, and a ux lead. We have one guy knowing how to launch a kubernetes cluster with terraform, which runs some containers (web and api for now, but we're about to containerize the other services and workers). This setup is under scrutiny, but we believe it is a way to go. If you can add to that, or have a better toolbelt, great.

So if you would like to be part of our team, and take responsibility for our platform, don't hesitate to call. Please don't forget to send us your resume first so we know what we'll be talking about :)

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    Reactie is prive en alleen zichtbaar voor de opdrachtgever en de plaatser van de reactie.

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