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Voor onze klant in Mechelen zoeken wij een ervaren System Engineer met goede kennis van LAMP voor een opdracht van 6 maanden +

Job Title

NET-Sytem engineer: LAMP engineer Senior

Please indicate whether a primary focus of the job is

Managing others Providing technical expertise (Individual Contributor)

Position Summary: Describe below the primary purpose and function of this job

  • The consultant will configure servers and databases according NAS’ guidelines and Telenet’ network design.

  • The consultant will test and deliver the new configurations.

  • The consultant will fully cooperate with DTV-engineering, DTV-Operations and NAS.

The consultant will have following skills

  • Expert knowledge of Linux/Windows systems (OS install, security, packages, kernel tuning, filesystems, etc…

  • Expert knowledge of VMware-based hosting

  • Expert knowledge of MySQL (setup, tuning, etc…)

  • Expert knowledge of TCP/IP and higher protocols (HTTP, FTP, Rsync, SSH, NTP, etc…)

  • Good knowledge of Open Source software: Nginx, Apache, Varnish, Memcache, Redis, HAProxy, Elasticsearch, Ansible, Cassanda, etc

  • Good knowledge of Java tech stack (JVM configuration, tuning, profiling, debugging, analysis, etc)

  • Good knowledge of scripting: shell, sed, awk, perl, javascript, python, groovy, ruby, etc…

  • Knowledge of Docker-based hosting

  • Knowledge of PHP/Zend tech stack

  • Knowledge of Java/Groovy/PHP languages (reading and understanding code)

  • Knowledge of Video streaming protocols is a benefit: HSS, HLS, DASH

  • Knowledge of PlayReady DRM is an asset

  • Knowledge of SCM systems as Git and SVN

Key Roles & Responsibilities: List up to 6 key roles and responsibilities of this job.

  1. It is his responsabilty to setup new configurations in all environments.

  2. The consultant will be introduced to the Telenet maintenance processes and will take it into account at all time.

It is his responsibility to deliver, install, migrate or upgrade with a minimum of impact.

  1. It is his responsibility to verify the correct functioning of services and the availability of data, logs, performance etc...

  2. It is his responsibility to optimize Ansible in order to improve and automate.

Business Expertise: Describe the requirement for knowledge and expertise about how various parts of the organization work together to achieve business objectives. Explain the degree of understanding required of the industry, commercial environment and of competitors products and services.

The consultant must have very good knowledge of VMware, MySQL, Linux and Ansible

Problem Solving: Describe the nature and complexity of the problems this position encounters on a recurring basis. Include information regarding the level of innovation required, if any, and include mention of environmental factors that may add to the complexity of resolving issues.

data inconsistency should be checked and solved.

Poor performance, system problems or crashes must be investigated and solved.

Nature & Area of Impact: To what degree does this job affect the business (i.e., through interactions with customers, making decisions, defining or setting strategy, etc.)? What is the breadth of the impact that this job has, either positive or negative (i.e., affects own team, department, function, business unit, geography, entire business, etc.)?

The delivery of new configurations is important for the delivery of the DTV-projects

Interactions / Interpersonal Skills: Describe the nature and level of interactions this job has with others, both internally and externally. Explain any specific interpersonal skills necessary to successfully perform this role (i.e., negotiation skills, represents business at external events or to governmental bodies, etc. ).

Cooperating and sense for responsibility.

Job Requirements And Qualifications: Indicate the minimum and preferred education and experience for this job and any licenses and certifications required.

Minimum Experience

2 yr with Mysql, Linux and VMWare

Preferred Experience

5 yr Mysql, Linux and VMWare

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