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Your challenges
In this role as Software Engineer you will be challenged to strengthen the software engineering teams with brain- and man- power to ensure timely releasing of high quality products, systems and services to ensure the continued growth in an agile environment.

You will work on advanced image analytics solutions for the current and next major version of our image management system (IMS). Goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the operation in hospitals or research centers that have deployed digital pathology. Image analysis algorithms range from computer aided measurements and characterization to algorithms assisting the diagnosis.

Your responsibilities

Within this role you will be

  • Responsible for the design of software on component or module level; understand and communicate consequences of your design on the architecture;

  • Design software, on the basis of design specifications in accordance with the functional specifications;

  • Finalize the design specifications, code and test the designed modules or components, so that the software in question will be reliable, efficient, easy to maintain, and user-friendly;

  • Perform work in line with the product development resp. software engineering processes that have been agreed in the department;

We are looking for

The successful candidate has/is

  • HBO/WO mathematics, computer science, (applied) physics, electrical engineering, or similar profile;

  • experience as software developer ;

  • Flexible and open attitude, good communication skills in English and preferably Dutch language;

  • Preferably affinity and experience with working in cross functional teams.

  • Relevant experience with

o Computer vision, image analysis & processing, machine learning (e.g. deep learning and random forest)
o Object detection, feature extraction, segmentation and image recognition
o Statistical modeling& analysis
o Analyzing big data sets, efficient computation and code optimization
o C / C++, R, Theano, MATLAB, OpenCV

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  • Datum
    27-05-2016 19:03
    Geplaatst door
    Joseph Ambrose Pagaran

    To the Personnel Department

    I am writing you to apply for the position as freelance Software Engineer for Software & App Development in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

    I am Dr.rer.nat. Joseph Ambrose Pagaran, a freelance software developer, with main focus on scientific computing using Matlab, R/Python, and C/C++.

    I have experience performing statistical modeling and analysis. For example, in my PhD thesis, I developed a model using multivariate regression how the spectral radiation of the sun change in time in terms of bright and dark surface features of the sun, which are derived from images taken from various solar observatories in Europe and USA using various techniques such as object detection, feature extraction, segmentation and image recognition. To validate my statistical model, I have analyzing big data sets from different sources, such as from balloons, instruments from space, ground-based instruments, physics-based and proxy-based modes.

    I have experienced developing a software, and for example, wrote a code about more than 50k lines. It was written in a modular using Maple. In addition to a technical document, I have published an article in the Journal of Computer Physics Communications in 2006, which according to has currently more than 5 citations. The code I wrote was applied to theoretical quantum chemistry and particle physics.

    My last freelance company was made for a car manufacturing company based in Germany. Through a project work-contract with UpTime Engineering in Graz, Austria, I was tasked to program a Matlab GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Vehicle Dynamics Calculations in a procedural and object-oriented way but without using Matlab's GUIDE. The GUI aims to centralize calculations using sensor data measurements from different parts of the car while the car is in motion in different terrains. In a team of three persons, we have used JIRA software tracking and project management, and Apache subversion (SVN) centralized file repository and version control.

    For a project based at the Molecular Biology Department, the Mendel University in Brno, The Czech Republic, I volunteered as Python scientific and database programmer to design and write codes in Python (in Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS) in order to calculate movements of thousands of protein structures from a open-source protein databank, investigating their local flexibility, docking mechanism, alignment, etc. The long term goal is the development of protein databank with features including big data mining, artificial intelligence to find hidden relationships between protein structure dynamics and functions.

    I am an English native speaker (bilingual language). English is my main language of instruction. In addition, I speak and write fluent German. Because of the similarity to German and English languages, I can understand written and spoken Dutch, and at the moment I have a beginner’s level in terms of speaking and writing in Dutch.

    With these experience, I am interested to learn on-the-job computer vision, machine learning (e.g. deep learning and random forest) .

    If this job position is offered to me, I am available to start working starting June 2016. My suggested rate is in the range from €50 to €65; this rate includes insurance, housing rentals, and public transportation costs. However, I am open for your alternative offers and rates.

    I am looking forward to work on advanced image analytics solutions as freelance in your company for about a year.

    Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.

    Dr.rer.nat. Joseph Ambrose Pagaran

    Attachment: one-page short CV in pdf format

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