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Target Start Date: 04-Jul-16

Target End Date30-Jun-17
36/40 hours

The client is launching a new product / service line. Under in the area of Cash management. In this new service we have an opening for an Ops engineer who can work in a multidisciplinary team and has the responsibility for guaranteeing the operational stability and availability of all applications at all times.

You are a driven IT specialist with excellent analytical skills. You are ambitious with what you want you and your DevOps team to achieve, and you bring positive energy to the team. You have very good communication skills. You feel a personal responsibility for the quality of your application and its reliability, and you work together with your colleagues across your domain and from others, including the infrastructure colleagues, to continuously improve how you work, the applications you support, and business agility. You recognize problems and work to solve them by yourself and with other colleagues. You have a 24x7 mind-set, and are willing to participate in a standby shift, knowing that operates a 24x7 business for its customers.

Your work environment
The challenging environment for the Ops engineer is focused around an Agile way of working; dynamic environment with lots of change and highly visible applications that deliver a service towards the whole group. Also working with external vendors. Within this position will need to have knowledge of message and file based transfers and able to technically lead other developers / operations staff to deliver the priorities, set by the product owner.
The Ops Engineer’s primary responsibility is to ensure the operational stability, integrity, and availability of the Application at all times. You will typically proactively identify Application and system related problems. You will assume leadership of your DevOps team when an Incident occurs and your Application has an outage or is part of a Major Incident that affects the operation of your Application.

Your profile

The range of tasks includes the following

  • deploying and running the application on environments,

  • providing level 2 support for the application;

  • specifying, designing and performing Performance and Acceptance tests (including High Availability and Disaster Recovery Tests) with support from the Dev Engineer;

  • specifying, designing, testing and deploying the runtime scripts (e.g. stop/start/purge/backup);

  • specifying, designing, testing and deploying the rollback scripts;

  • configuring and implementing Monitoring;

  • implementing the security policy so that the system is secure at operating system, database and application server level;

  • understanding and monitoring the entire stack’s technology on which the application runs;

  • performing Incident, Problem and Change Management, including writing user stories for resolving problems;

  • performing Life Cycle Management for the system.

Skills required

The Ops engineer Must be experienced in maintaining the servers having following technologies

  • Advanced MS Windows operational tasks (DOS Command),

  • MicroFocus,

  • MS SQL,

  • IBM MQ,

  • Axway XFB,

  • Experience in Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline

  • Automated deployments using tools, Jenkins, Nolio

  • Implementing monitoring using GALM / Logstash, Graphite / Kibana for application monitoring

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