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Business Architect (Global financial systems) is urgently requited to join the project team.

Key skills

A university degree in relevant IT, Finance or (business) Economy accreditation.
At least five to seven years of relevant working experience, preferably in banking. A Black Belt / Lean degree and proven experience in this field.
Perfect problem analysis and judgment skills are essential for this role. Next to this also vision is an important skill for this role. Architects who have organizational sensitivity are successful in their function. The architect should show persuasiveness and should be able to align with the interests and/ or communication levels of interlocutors.

Key tasks

Understand the needs of GFS, Finance Advisory and Finance stakeholders, mapping the requirements and translating these requirements into designs for solution or process reference architectures (FOAP) targets and roadmaps that support the organizational strategy.
Collect data, analyze the GFS architecture environment and develop a vision for the necessary 4Sight architecture (help), thereby anticipating future trends and innovations in the areas of customers, the financial sector and information technology.
Advice GFS on how to determine, build and design the solutions or Reference Architecture Targets (FOAP) and roadmaps, taking the impact on all stakeholders into account.
Translate the requirements into designs which are cost effective and in line with the reference architecture (eg framework, methods, approaches, guidelines, models, etc.) with clear objectives and deliverables.
Defining the demarcations with other domains and monitor these based on the reference architecture
To ensure a successful implementation of the proposed solution (or process reference architecture) and present the outcome and foundation of the solution
Define the impact of the requirements on the organization and by investigating the needs of the GFS organization.
Determine the foundation and the limitations of the proposed solutions or roadmaps
Identify, document and control the risks and issues related to the future architecture (both solution Reference, Targets and Roadmaps) identify, document and control.

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