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DevOps Lead

Nedap Healthcare consists of ninety awesome people that share a special way of looking at the world and want to work together to make it better.

The Job

The world has moved to online services, and so have we. We have multiple business units that provide Software-as-a-Service solutions to both national and international customers with high availability, security and privacy needs.

We have been building our hosting infrastructure for over ten years. Currently we are using Puppet to manage over 200 servers running Debian linux. Our servers are located in multiple datacenters in the Netherlands and as we are growing, we need to expand to multiple international locations (Asia, USA).

The DevOps team provides support to developers that want to deploy their application(s) and provides knowledge about scaling and reliability to teams that need it.

You will lead our DevOps team of three in its day-to-day operations and work towards providing an even more reliable and maintainable way to manage an ever growing amount of servers; physical or virtual.

You need to have strong communication and leadership skills and experience managing DevOps stacks. We use Puppet for our configuration management. Knowledge of Puppet (or another configuration management system) is highly recommended.

We are always looking for ways to improve our setup. You and your team will be the ones responsible for making the decisions that will move our operations to the next level.

Currently our developers use the following technologies that our DevOps team supports

Programming languages: Ruby on Rails, Golang, Java

RDBMS: MySQL (Percona), PostgreSQL
(Distributed) databases and search engines: Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis

Message brokers and event processors: RabbitMQ, Storm

Web- and proxy servers: Nginx, Apache, HAProxy

Of course, this is not the full list, but it gives you an idea of the extend of technologies supported.

This position is on-site (we will support your relocation) since it involves a leadership component. However as with any Nedap job, you are in charge of the way you work. So, when it feels right, you can decide how you make it work.

Speaking Dutch is not a requirement for this position.

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