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You are member of a strategic research team, working in one of the TNO-ESI research projects, where you develop new capabilities for design and engineering of software-intensive high-tech systems and applications. You apply, evaluate and develop cost-effective, semi-automated, model-based methods for understanding and transforming legacy software components. The objective is to create and demonstrate full transformation chains from legacy software to well-structured state-of- the-art software components, thereby improving the overall professional quality and capabilities of the product, and significantly reducing future development and maintenance efforts. Relevant techniques include parsing, static analysis, model learning, domain specific languages, formal methods, model transformation, and code generation.

You have an academic degree, at least at MSc or PDEng level, with a strong background in computer science and relevant professional experience, working in or with high-tech industry in the area of high-tech product innovation. You have a strong affinity with the latest techniques used for software design and engineering. In particular you have excellent programming skills, and industrial experience in finding your way in existing software components. You are keen to operate in unexplored areas of research, developing novel approaches for design and engineering of complex high-tech software intensive systems. You have a strong belief that working at a higher level of abstraction can bring significant value to the product innovation process, where you enjoy creating structure and overview.

You are a goal-oriented, self-driven professional with a strong will to deliver quality results. You enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team of TNO-ESI research fellows, industrial and academic partners, and other stakeholders. To obtain the required results, you regularly work at the premises of the customer throughout The Netherlands.

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