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We are looking for a Data Scientist for one of our customers in Brussels, Belgium.

A job position is available to join the Intelligent Systems team is creating algorithms and models for services and products. The team is focusing on creating new applications that enrich the user experience of mobile and wearable devices by understanding the context of the user. This context is determined by sensor fusion and machine learning. Our team is transitioning into this domain, and we are looking to inject extra expertise in machine learning.
In the role of machine learning expert, the candidate will propose hypotheses and design experiments to obtain suitable data to validate these. S/he explores and visualizes the data. S/he communicates the knowledge to the team/business. S/he creates models that use existing and future data to create business value. S/he implements these models in services, products or business processes as required.

Job requirements

  • Masters or Doctorate degree in a quantitative field (e.g., mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering, etc.) required.

  • Experience in using scientific method and empirical research to answer business questions. Formulates hypotheses, then designs experiments to collect the necessary data and/or explores existing data sets.

  • Has experience with multivariate linear regression analysis and statistical inference models

  • Can apply supervised and non supervised machine learning techniques such as clustering, SVM, Random Forests, deep neural networks, baysian networks, hidden markov models, collaborative filtering, etc

  • Data exploration and visualization

  • Data cleaning and data wrangling tools are used to reshape the data.

  • S/he creates and trains machine learning models to capture the knowledge learned and to transform it into product, service or process features. These models have good accuracy/recall/prediction values outside of the training set.

  • Has 2+ years of experience of using supervised and unsupervised machine learning models on real world problems.

  • The created models are implementable in the target product, and fit for purpose. S/he implements and integrates the model into the target product, or works closely with the team that does.

  • Reproductible research and result communication

  • Has excellent communication skills. S/he communicates the extracted knowledge to the team and the business in reports and presentations.

  • S/he visualizes the data in a variety of tools and creates a meaningful narrative and conclusion. Results are reproducible, meaningful and interpretable.

  • Excellent development skills in one of R, Python/Pandas

  • Good knowledge of at least one of Java, C

  • Cloud technologies




parttime/fulltime, 12 months with an option to extend


Brussels, Belgium


conform market rates

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    Reactie is prive en alleen zichtbaar voor de opdrachtgever en de plaatser van de reactie.

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