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The Operations Engineer is an active member of the DevOps team who works closely with other disciplines. He/she is a T-shaped professional and combines one or more technical specialties with the capability of taking over basic activities of other specialists on the team (analysis, development and testing). He/she has general knowledge of software development and knowledge about the business domain for which he/she works. Has an intrinsic drive to personal development in new specialties.

  • Flexibility, ownership and creating/using space forms a mindset that is necessary for this function.

  • The complexity of the job is in constant balance between running and changing. The Operations Engineer must convince people within the team of release deliverables and quality standardsKnowledge of and experience with Agile, Lean and ITIL.

  • The Operations Engineer is able to work with the team and stakeholders to find the balance between smaller and larger deployments, while he/she will consider chain dependencies.

  • Knowledge and experience with specific tools and technology.

  • Knowledge of and experience in the combination of business domain and related IT chains.

  • Controlled change – in accordance with quality standards and the required non-functional – of the applications using standard processes (change-, release management).

The Operations Engineer also carries out activities in the area of (test) environment coordination and life cycle management.

Continuous improvement is the basic mindset of the Operations Engineer, which is strongly focused on automating work in and around the team.

The Operations Engineer, together with his/her DevOps team, makes an ambitious but realistic (sprint) planning. The Operations Engineer does, as a member of the DevOps team, its utmost to deliver on schedule, taking into account the interests of stakeholders around the team.

The Operations Engineer independently convinces the team and stakeholders on the deliverables to be delivered. Minimum necessities are; assessing risks and distinguishing the main issues from side issues.

The Operations Engineer is able to make an adequate trade-off at any time in the development process between the quality to be delivered, the proposed risk and the continuity of the (banking) processes. He/she ensures that backlog items that could prevent operational issues, are given the right priority by the product owner.

Lending Enterprise

Specific knowledge

  • Pega Systems

  • Oracle / Linux based systems

  • XL Deploy / XL Release, Splunk

  • Knowledge of Lending Enterprise business processes and IT chain

  • Generic test environment and -processes

Your competencies

  • Inspire and influence

  • Deliver results

  • Communication

  • Organising and monitoring





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