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For the last three years I have been active with setting up companies and developing small businesses. B.V. is an ICT company that had lost its organizational motivation and vision. Together with the team I helped them develop a new vision and strategy for the future. From installing physical networks and hardware we shifted the focus and philosophy to virtual networks and services.

In 2010 my two partners invited me to participate as a partner in the holding company that serves an incubator to the other developing businesses such as Tastelink. For Tastelink B.V. I was project manager in the development of our first prototype 'recommendation engine' that is being implemented at the public libraries in 'provincie Noord Holland'. With DNC B.V. we are developing a digital tombstone and with TU Delft I managed the project to develop this product and other applications for it, such as a city wide information system that uses new social media to enable communication between the city and its tourists.


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