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MACCS International is the largest independent software developer of systems for the international film industry. To the outside world it may be hard to explain what we do, but within the film distribution industry we are an institution: close to a 100 clients in more than 45 territories trust us to manage their core financial, logistic, administrative and decision making processes. This is not only true for the smallest independent distributors in any single territory, but also for the largest and most reputable names in the business, such as Warner Bros., Paramount and many others.

With a history of two decades of commitment and dedication to the core business processes of our clients, MACCS International is a unique company with an unsurpassed accumulation of knowledge and experience in the film distribution business.

In the past two decades our software suite has been developed in close cooperation with our clients, and each component has been tried and tested under the most challenging circumstances. Our Theatrical Distribution System, for instance, is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and as such has become the industry standard in the field.

True to our status as a market leader, MACCS International is not just a front-runner in the automation of the current distribution business, but is also one of the driving forces behind the innovation of administrative processes in regard to online ordering, digital distribution, electronic box office collection, the calculation of virtual print fees, and much more. In short, MACCS International enables distributors to focus on their business while safe in the knowledge that all core business processes are secured by MACCS International, for now and the future.


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