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Favela Fabric aims to help businesses reap the full potential of Community Driven Innovation (CDI).
CDI is about empowering your audience to participate in the development of new products and experiences.

We believe that involving large groups of consumers -communities- in the creation of new business is faster, more effective and far more market-driven than traditional methods of innovation.

Two fundamental changes make that CDI just recently emerged. First, we see the rise of internet technology and 'social software', enabling people to connect and combine skills on an unprecedented scale. Think of weblogs, internet video, forums, instant messaging, rss, etc.

Second, consumers increasingly take cues from each other rather than from brands and institutions in their search for bonding, authenticity and self-expression.

So what do we offer?
Smart people, smart software. Favela Fabric mobilizes audiences and inspire sthem to invest their collective creative capital.
Through advanced collaboration software and moderation techniques we create an attractive virtual environment for the exchange and enhancement of ideas. We assess the feasibility, fit and potential value of the ideas. Finally, we help introduce new products to the market.


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