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Glomobi is one of the largest suppliers of entertainment services for mobile phones in the world. We offer services from downloadable ringtones to news services by means of text messages. And even java games which can be played simultaneously against several players in different parts of the world! On this website you find information about our company and about how we can assist you. Do you want to know more? Then please feel free to contact us. You will find our details under the contact button

Development and sales of worldwide entertainment for mobile phones
Glomobi develops entertainment services for mobile phones. For example (interactive) games, text alerts and downloadable content. Moreover Glomobi is specialised in the worldwide commercialization of these services with the main focus on promotion via TV. We run campaigns with a high frequency, for example, we run ongoing TV campaigns with daily commercials on TV stations. Commercials which not only reach the desired target group, but which also yield maximum response. Besides TV campaigns, we also use a mix of printed and online media to reach the consumer.

Origins in the Netherlands
Glomobi originally started in Amsterdam, where our company was established in 2001. At that time Glomobi was one of the first companies to offer services for mobile phones. Since then we have developed into a worldwide operating concern with activities in more than 25 countries.

In house platform
In order to rapidly respond to new developments, changing circumstances and the possibility of using our worldwide connections, it is important to fully control all technical aspects. For this reason Glomobi has its own platform which will continue to be developed permanently. This offers the advantage that we can offer other, completely distinguishing, products. Moreover we can roll out these products rapidly to other countries by simply translating the product and carrying out adaptations to meet local wishes.

Experienced management
The Glomobi management consists of professionals with experience in diverse fields, from mobile telecom to TV production and direct response marketing. With that we possess every bit of knowledge needed to serve our customers and partners rapidly and efficiently. Not only in the field of product development, but also in the field of management and sales. Glomobi offers the unique mix of content development and know-how on TV productions and direct response.


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