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i-Optics is an international medical device company established in 2003 by optical engineer and pioneer Michiel Mensink. After proving the feasibility of achieving higher quality and lower costs for retinal imaging, this became the central strategy for i-Optics. The engineering team now includes PhD's from five different fields. Prestigious grants have been won, several publications in peer reviewed science journals and conferences followed.

i-Optics designs and commercializes medical diagnostic cameras with superior image quality, diagnostic features and ease of use. Core elements are state-of-the art aspherical optical components, custom coatings, low-noise digital imaging electronics and advanced image recognition. An in-house design team creates the highly precise mechanical mounting as well as the exterior product design.

i-Optics invented and developed the EasyScan: an affordable, high-quality and patient-friendly retina screening camera. The EasyScan is ideally suited for screening applications e.g. for people with diabetes. The company has developed its lead product EasyScan, which is currently being tested in a clinical study with leading retina specialists in Europe and the US.


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