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ProData Consult delivers expert-level external IT consultants to both public and private sector bodies and within all industries/sectors.

Local and global expert IT consultants
ProData Consult is an IT consultancy company that benefits from an extensive Scandinavian and global network consisting of several thousand expert IT consultants, each of whom have demonstrated their worth in numerous successful IT projects.

ProData Consult has access to more than 4000 IT consultants in Denmark, Sweden and Norway alone, and access to over 10,000 across Europe.
ProData Consult is headquartered in Copenhagen and has regional offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. With a strong and stable position in the Scandinavian countries and a presence in Germany and Poland, ProData Consult provides expert IT consultancy services to companies across Europe.
Speed is a crucial factor in the IT sector. With an advanced and unique IT and quality management system we can guarantee a high standard of expert IT consultants and rapid response times throughout Europe.

Our aim is to have IT consultants who are a 100% match for your requirements lined up ready to service you within 24 hours of receiving a request – irrespective of the skill set you require, the language you operate in or your geographical location.
Quality, flexibility and speed of response and delivery are some of the factors that our customers name when discussing their relationship with ProData Consult.

The purpose of ProData Consult is

"To help clients with their IT needs by delivering uncompromising quality"




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