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The New Motion B.V.

Electrical vehicle charging networks
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The New Motion, founded in 2009, offers advanced charging solutions for drivers of electric vehicles (EV) and EV charge locations.

All our activities aim to facilitate drivers of (Plug-in Hybrid) EV’s to drive as many kilometres on electricity as possible using electricity retrieved from renewable energy sources. Not only is electric driving a fantastic experience but it’s also good for the environment and great for your wallet. We make electric driving fun and easy.

In short - what are we developing?

The New Motion manages and operates a European network of more than 18.000 online charge points with a custom made back-office application. In addition to our back-office we have some online portals, which manage settings. We also have numerous integrations with other charge point and charge card providers across Europe.

Specialisatie en expertise

The Technical and Innovation team at The New Motion consists of ca 11 developers. We are building the back-end of the electrical vehicle charging network and charging services in Scala, with micro services built in Spray. We deploy using Docker and we are in the process of migrating our services to AWS.

We are also developing a front end client using JavaScript (ReactJS), an iOS app using Swift and an Android app, so that the drivers of electrical vehicles can receive all relevant information about available charge points etc.

We use Scrum/Kanban as development methodology.

Overige informatie

The atmosphere at The New Motion is very passionate. It is a flat organization where we (ca 90 FTE) come together to realize our pioneering project - one that actually has a positive impact on our environment and our society!


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