Yves Bettinger

Yves Bettinger

Founder & Owner
2024ES Haarlem (NH)
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young innovative entrepreneur and traveler from the Netherlands who has worked and lived in several countries around the world.

At a young age I traveled a lot due to my parents occupation. Feeling the energy and wisdom from traveling and exploring I decided to pursue this early to keep pursuing this and exploring the world through work, culture and religion to become a well rounded industry professional that has know how and knowledge in several branches.

Where one may find his fullfilment local I found my wisdom and kowledge around the world and will keep pursuing bigger international goals.

Recently moved back to the Netherlands.

Specialisatie en expertise

In my years of world work I have developed a main skillset that focusses on Social media, Sales & Marketing, event management and recruiting and staging.

I also owned and created 2 different succesful businesses and several succesful business plans and improvements through marketing for artists and or businesses.

I`m a very social and charismatic person that knows how to take a problem and give it 100% dedication to create the best possible solution for any problem. Never afraid to make a mistake and learn from it and a very open person to establish a proper line of communication with my clients.

It is good to have a good line of communication but not to the extend of looking doubtful.

Approach, plan, structurize and develop.


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